Katanagatari Ep 10: Facing your Worst Memories


Summarizing this is a bitch so I’m just going to make this short and sweet as much as possible!
Togame and Shichika head to Togame’s former homeland where they are to retreat Seitou Hakari and meet a crazy holy man named Higaki Rinne who becomes illusions of their darkest memories that they desire to forget. His whole purpose is to help them overcome them and find their reason. He tells Togame that he buried the Seitou Hakari as soon as he got it. Togame is the one to do the mission this time digging up to ten meters underground. In the mean time since Shichika for once isn’t fighting, he speaks to the holy guy and fights him only to stop because the man wasn’t even trying to go offensive.  As Togame digs underground she finds pieces of objects that once belonged to her household, throughout her time digging there has been several times where she passed out due to the traumatic past of her father being beheaded by Mutsue Yasuri. She finally remembers what her father’s last words, as for Shichika who also found more about himself as why does he fight.
With their missions complete, they head towards their next destination where Shichika discover’s Pengin’s body left on the road, who begs them with his dying breath to save Houou.

I have been following this series since the month episode 1 came out, so if you are interested in seeing some (three episodes) of my thoughts, follow this link ::here::!
Wow that was quite an emotional episode. We finally got a bit of Kogame’s backstory, but we haven’t gotten quite everything yet. I really found myself amused with Shichika’s SERIOUS face. I mean look at it! It’s like – for an easy going guy, that’s pretty amusing!
Shichika is not amused

I wanted to point out the irony of denial. Even though Hitei denies she is a decadents of Shikizaki Kiki, without a doubt by the end of this month’s episode I have come to a conclusion that she is. Then that creepy old holy guy Higaki just… he’s crazy, period. For the Maniwa corp, poor Pengin! I sincerely hope this isn’t a trap, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were – but still! Anyhow it’s really interesting to learn that the Kyotouryuu art was actually created by Shikizaki Kiki, so hahaha there’s a sword right there!
There are now only two episodes left for this magnificent series – for certain this helped make my year past by quickly due to desiring to watch the next episode every month! (Heck I have a ton of things I read and watch that come out once a month!)
=3= No preview much to my dismay.


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