I have to say that, first of all, I didn’t see the first seasons of this show, and so therefore giving a big picture on the plot would be impossible for me and I’ll probably miss out on a lot of things, however I kinda get what this whole story is about, it isn’t very hard considering It’s one of the most clichéd shows I’ve ever seen.
From reading the summary of the first season, and from seeing the first episode of this where they sometimes go back to explain a little bit of what happened before, I kinda got the whole story together. Basically, this high school guy was living a peaceful life, until suddenly a naked girl appeared in front of him saying “I’m from Deviluke!” and since she didn’t want to get married in her world she married this random dude and started living with him. Then a bunch of girls with big boobs appeared and got in the way of their relationship by all falling in love with the guy, until at the end of the season, they don’t get together because the producers wanted more money. Okay, so now that this is figured out, let’s get to the actual first ep.

2 minutes into the show and a naked girl appears... *facepalm*

Naked girl is still naked, girls with big boobs still seem to all be in love with the guy, the guy will most definitely react to them although he likes the naked girl, and then they both end up naked in the hallway, then student council president falls in love with the guy. There, I’m done my summary.
Can this be any more clichéd?!?!?!

– Girls always end up naked in front of the guy
– Guy is always saying “Not his fault” and yet still thinks perverted
– There is one main character as a guy, the rest of the characters are girls
– They all fall in love with the guy
– The 2 main characters obviously like each other, yet they don’t realize and their relationship is pathetically horrible.
– The girls all brutalize the guy

Add to that some fantasy, and you’ve got Zero no Tsukaima all over again. -_-‘
Seriously, I had great expectations for this show, and they completely got crushed when I saw the first episode. It’s so clichéd that it’s not even funny. I forced myself to finish it, however it sucks, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone (Unless you don’t mind seeing the exact same thing as Zero no Tsukaima with a different context and with different characters)
Oh yeah. The characters. That’s another thing:

-Girls with big boobs
-Girl who’s always naked
-Girl who is always emotionless(until she falls in love with the other guy, *gasp* what a surprise!
-Girl who’s really shy and always embarassed
-Girl who believes she’s the queen of everything
-Girl who is always disciplinary and respects the rules, has never fallen in love (Again, until she meets the main character! *gasps again*)

So uhm, you might have noticed but I seriously did not like this show. I found it really bad, to a point where it was so clichéd the jokes weren’t even funny -_-‘. It’s definitely in my list of “Not-to-Watch” this season.