The show starts out showing Keima Katsuragi, a high school boy, making a cute girl her fall for him using a bunch of cheesy lines. After the girl finally confesses to him, we might start thinking it’s pretty cute, but the we learn that, in fact, the girl isn’t real. In fact, Keima is just an intensive gamer who’s obsessed with 2D girls and “doesn’t like the real-life girls”(In my opinion, he just can’t get one because he’s too shy, but anyways, on with the story). He then accidentally makes a contract with a demon (named Elci) and has to conquer real-life girls’ hearts in order to “get rid of the loose soul inside their heart”(wait, wat?). If he doesn’t do it, he basically gets his head chopped off (Talk about motivation…). The show then goes on and we see him try to capture this girl’s heart using his video game cheesy lines, and in the end the girl actually starts liking him and they kiss(yaaaaay, happeh.)
First Impression: AWWWWWW This is so cute ^^. Anyone looking for romance or cheezy lines or kisses or anything you want without the annoying love dramas, this sounds like a great anime. It was pretty much what I was expecting this to be, and I had great expectations for this so that’s a good thing! 🙂
First, the humour was pretty good. I like the fact that it’s not totally ridiculous and stupid (sometimes things just don’t work for an anime, and I believe this is one of them for this show XD), and they concentrate more on the romance and the character’s thoughts instead. Although, they have a lot of good jokes I must admit, and there are some facial expressions that just absolutely make my day.

HAHA. Priceless.

The characters so far seem fair, I think Keima has a really good start. He does seem like a total geek and it is kinda unreal that he can suddenly get any girl like that, but there wouldn’t be a story if he couldn’t. Also, I have a feeling that his character development will get MUCH better, since every girl that falls in love with him ends up forgetting that they did.
Aww, so cute... BUT SO SAD!

Which brings me to my next point, which is I have a feeling this will get incredibly depressing for Keima. I mean, whyyyyy? Yes, okay, now the girls can’t get hurt because they forget about him, but HE DOESN’T AND EVERY GIRL HE KISSES WILL END UP FORGETTING ABOUT HIM! You got yourself in a hell of a lot of trouble, kid. Anyways, him and Elci will probably end up together anyways so let’s not think about it too much(it’s still really sad… D= )
Yay. Now for the ONE bad part so far, the one thing that could make this anime a total failure: Elci. The. Plainest. Character. Ever. She has nothing. Nothing at all. Of course, this is only the first episode and so far the rest is really good, but right now, she has NOTHING inside, she’s just this random demon girl who tells Keima “If you don’t do what I say, we’ll both get our heads chopped off!” YEAH. Exactly my point. Well, this is only the first episode, so I guess I’ll wait for the rest to come out before showing full-out hate.



Oh yes, of course girls HAVE to have their hair tied up when running!...Wait, wat?

So yeah, this show has a very good start, very much what I was expecting. It’s funny (but not too much), has cute romance (without the drama… Thank God), a great start for a plot although it is very sad and a really good main character development (I’ll just forget about the other girl -_-‘)