First Impression:
=_______=; Unfortunately as soon as I realized, “Oh shit there’s sibling love!” I had to stop. I watched up to 13:07 minutes into it.  And I personally happen to have no toleration for these kinds of shows. In fact, the first warning was during the OP which had some suggested scenes – but I didn’t want that to confirm my decision with just that. So instead of watching the rest I zipped through it and confirmed that there’s absolute NO CHANCE of me watching this series AT ALL.
It’s too bad because the animation quality is nice and the OST was pretty. Besides the sibling love, explicit nudity was an immediate turn off for me and I wanted to slapped my forehead every time I saw a girl who encountered Haruka being flustered and blushing.
What I can summarize from what I learned until I stopped watching the episode is that Kasugano Haruka and Sora have has lost their parents due to an accident and moved back into the country where they once lived during their childhood at some point. Oh and Sora is madly in love with her brother and has fantasies them making out, along with every other girl they have encountered so far. @_@;


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