Not what you'd think of a maid café...-_-' Welcome FAIL.


In my opinion,  this show definitely had a limited budget to start off with. The art is terrible, there are little interesting screenshots, the plot is told in a weird way and the music is bleh. However, I have to say that I found this show quite interesting nonetheless.The story starts off with a little scene showing high school guy Sanada sitting at the maid cafe where his crush (Arashiyama, who happens to be the main character of the story) works at as a maid. Sanada gets really embarassed (and really happy) when Arashiyama sits beside him, however all she does is copy his math homework. She unfortunately gets caught by her math teacher, who decides to give her a lecture after school. However, she decides not to go because she can’t be late for work. As she tells her friends this, Tatsuno, a real adept of maid cafes, asks if her and her weird looking friend can go visit. Her expectations, however, are totally crushed when she enters, because the maid cafe is very mediocre looking, and Arashiyama doesn’t act like a maid at all. Tatsuno then decides she will put Arashiyama through rigorous training in order for her to act like a maid. Refusing herself to be a part of the cafe community, she suddenly changes her mind when Sanada enters, whom she has a gigantic crush on, and becomes a maid with Arashiyama.


"YOU CALL THIS A MAID CAFE?!".......... ...Apparently.

A few days later, as Tatsuno and Arashiyama are on their way to work, they get caught by the teacher (they aren’t allowed a part-time job during their studies which is pretty dumb if you ask me, and so they try to run away and fail completely). Then follows a short fight between the teacher and Tatsuno (not a real fight, I mean that Tatsuno tries to convince him with manipulation in order for her and Arashiyama to have part-time jobs), and it ends in a way that Arashiyama gets lectured by the teacher for “playing pranks on clients” (She just replaced coffee with soda, gee, calm down…Although I have to admit I don’t get Tatsuno and her maid methods of seduction XD clumsiness, really?).
That's right, 3-hit clumsy combo all the way! (By the way, how UGLY could they make Arashiyama and Tatsuno's friend, really?)

I don’t quite know what to think of this show quite yet. I’d say it has a passing grade for now. The humour isn’t too bad, I liked some of the jokes that were told once in a while. The 3-hit clumsy combo made my day! As for the plot, I liked the fact that the main character isn’t just the only person who does important stuff, however it kinda made me wonder who is really in fact the main character. I don’t know how the plot for this story will turn out, although there seems to be a very interesting love triangle that’s started already, which makes me curious as to how the plot will turn out. The concept is also quite original. The maid cafe idea has been used quite a bit, however the idea of a failure of a maid cafe is very original, and it’s my first time seeing it.
Although there are some good things to possibly think of this show, there are also quite a lot of bad things. The art is one of them. For something that just came out in 2010, it looks really bad. Some characters are also pretty weird, for example the really ugly looking friend of Arashiyama and the math teacher who already pisses me off with his dumb rules instead of making me laugh, which I think is what it should do. They don’t seem to fit in the story much, and look a little dull.
This was obviously a low-budget anime, and it shows quite a bit in this first episode. (By the way, you will also notice my total lack of good screenshots,  and that is because the show wouldn’t give me anything good to screenshot -_-‘). I will, however, be patient and not judge a book by its cover. Therefore, I will be waiting for the next episode, in hopes that this show will redeem itself in greatness of story and content. My hopes don’t fly high, however I will try my best to keep them until at least next week.
...Why the hell do you even exist?

P.S.: What’s with the random bear that pops up before the commercials?