The team decides to brainstorm about what kind of shop they should have. Lemon starts when an idea with open café (kind of like a salon). Amano presents hers as a shop where as anyone of any age would be welcomed, where as Kashino goes all out with the idea of chocolatier. Johnny on the other hand declared his as the best where his idea was to make Sweets Amusement park.

Then after getting the exclamation where he’d get the money, they learn that Johnny and Koshiro are actually cousins!  They are also introduced Johnny’s Sweets Fairy Maize who may look adorable and sound stupid – but has a ferocious temper.


Later Henri’s secretary comes in and they get an announcement about the competition of the shops, the one with the lowest income will be forced to close down. As their rivals are announced, Andoh appears as one of them who is already opening his shop and taking care of business for the tough competition. The group thinks over about how they will manage and take on the idea that someone should be the leader. In order to decide who that is, they will each sell their own sweets individually and whoever gets the most business will be promoted as the leader.
There was certainly a plot twist when Johnny turns out to be cousins with the heiress, I did not see that coming, nor had anyone else probably. I also found it very amusing how soon Andoh returned (looks like he got a girl who has her eyes on him),  on the other hand I do wonder however if Hanabusa will play a role in this as well – I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Anyhow the episode altogether was very entertaining from the start to finish.
I am really not sure who will end up as the leader of the group. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were Lemon – why do I think of that? Well she is kind of not exactly in the center of attention at the moment, and I think it would be too predictable if Kashino or Johnny were to succeed. Amano… I feel guilty for not giving her a chance when I have no idea how much she has improved. If she ends up as the leader with her own power – WOO!
Looks like we will finally get to see everyone making some goodies! And it looks like Amano’s mascot is just scaring the crap out of the children. It seems that Kashino and Lemon has to do the same, (will Johnny wear one?) so I wonder what’s up.


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