Otome Yokai Zakuro starts off with a dream this week – more like a flash back so it seems, where Zakuro was climbing a Persimmon tree to pick one of its fruits for Susuki. She suddenly finds herself alone with spirits calling out her name as they move up the tree forcing her to climb higher and eventually falling due to a branch snapping, underwater. It turns out the tree is somehow connected to the underworld. Zakuro bolts awake sweating murmuring for her mother. As if the morning couldn’t have started on a bad enough note, Zakuro gets pissed off with Agemaki for giving her a candle to eat (since it said so in the books he read). After their breakfast they are given a mission to seek out a spirit that has been interfering with a hotel development. When they speak to the man who requested them, he declares that they get rid of the spirit for good. Zakuro does not agree with that idea whatsoever and splits up with Agemaki saying she refuses to work with him and he’d find her scarier than the other spirits.

A brief cut to how Susuki and Yoshinokazura are doing. Due to her clumsiness tripping she stumbles and Yoshinokazura catches her by her wrist and suddenly says out of blue how it’s amazing they can fight with such delicate hands. Susuki explains to him that she isn’t the one who is strong, but is Zakuro since it was her who helped her discover her spiritual powers.

Eventually the others encountered the spirit as well, only it was Zakuro who faced it changing the entire situation. She destroyed the site and asks for the candle that Agemaki offered to her earlier in order to give aid the large shadow of a spirit that is actually very tiny. It turns out that the spirit was sad that the people destroyed its shrine which was its home and wanted to scare them away.


Zakuro and the others get crap from the people around them until Lieutenant Hanadate shows up and said that they will restore the shrine and take care of the funds for the hotel development as well. Zakuro finds her heart fluttering due to their encounter.

This episode was very interesting and raised a few questions about the Persimmon tree and Lieutenant Hanadate.
Lets start with the tree. Clearly it’s going to be playing a large role in the plot since it’s shown frequently in the opening and it seems it is heavily connected to Zakuro’s past or reason why she gotten these powers. I find the most interesting part was how Susukihotaru said after meeting Zakuro, she has become the center of their world and was the one who had some kind of influence on their powers. Now for Lieutenant Hanadate. I’m going to say it straight right here: Lieutenant Hanadate already has me suspicious of him. With Zakuro finding herself attracted to him, I think he will play a huge role in the development for not only hers and Susuki’s relationship but her character alone as well.  Not only that, I think he’s one of the major enemies.
Oh yeah I wanted to mention this! Susuki and Yoshinokazura , oh good lord – it’s getting so corny already! Seriously I love those two, but I can’t handle corny lovers, reduce on the corniness please!
On the last note, I just realized how sad and emotional this song (chant) is! I started to get teary – and I am so certain at some point I am going to find myself crying over whatever it may be!

Am I flower?
A buttery? An ogre?
Misery in the world,
Is violence the answer?
Dash of rouge turns to,
A blade in hand,
Do praise my efforts,
Hey,  bravo, bravo, bravo!

For next week it looks like we are going to get more information about somebody’s tragic past.


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