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It sure has been a while, About a whole week !


Ichigo engages Gin in combat, slowly discovering the secret of his Zanpakutō, in the meantime Isshin overwhelming power pushes Aizen to his limits. But even at it’s limit Aizen as yet another trick up his sleeves, the power of the Hōgyoku. Aizen explains what the Hōgyoku really is and he begin his transformation…until someone we all excepted to come showed up and slowed down his transformation.


That episode was much, much better than the last one. Something actually happenned ! We finally had a good look at Gin erection specialized sword ! So that is cool, in Shikai form his sword can erect up to the length of a 100 swords long but when in bankai it is 13 km long? holy molly mastodontus rexus! that’s a long one!

When he said that I was expecting him to start fill up the whole town with his sword, but I was surprised to see he didn’t. Instead, as we learned, the real power of his sword is the speed at which he is able to retract or erect it ! Like Gin explained; his sword can erect or retract at 500 times the speed of sound, that is 500x 343 m/s ! ( or 171 500 m/s or 1.715×10^5 m/s or 5.72×10^-4 c !).

That's over 9000 meters !

So while Gin and Ishigo were playing with Gin’s rapidly growing sword. Isshin and Aizen where fighting the good fight, it felt as if those two had a lot of memories they shared together. But Isshin is a badass and he was so strong that he was able to push Aizen to the limit only by swinging his sword like a retard, exploding buildings everywhere.

Isshin can push Aizen to his limit so easily? what is this guy made of !

So now Aizen told is opponent ” Man you ruined my hair, I can’t fight any harder now otherwise I might break my nails !” and Isshin was like “lol” to what aizen responded “I guess I should use this neat little gem in my chest to become even more powerful, this way we can destroy random buildings even faster than before ! yai !” so Aizen was busy evolving into a new pokemon and Ichigo came back for a second to say hi to his father, they had a neat conversation that sounded like:

-(ichigo) sup dad, how’s it going?

  • (Isshin) going well, having fun and stuff

  • (ichigo) cool, btw what’s going on with Aizen? there is sperm coming out of his chest!

  • (Isshin) Idk lol !

  • (ichigo) lol k !

Then Kisuke fired his lazor at Evolving Aizen and the rest is to be continued in episode 298.

What do you mean I have some sperm coming out of my chest?

Things I liked

  • We learned about Gin’s Shikai and Bankai form even more

  • We saw that Isshin was even stronger than Aizen, and Aizen was badass enough to kill ~5 captains at once

  • Aizen seems to be hollowfying at the end

  • Kisuke finally will join the fight and we’ll see what kind of awesome power he has.


Truely a great episode, I love when character are increasing their power and when new power are discovered, I love to watch them learn and develop into even more powerful being, so this episodes was perfect for me, Kisuke will join the fight soon, If next week episode doesn’t turn out to be a filler that is…

Lets cross fingers this doesn't mean next week episode will be a filler

That was all for this week review, see you all next tuesday for Bleach 298


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  1. Eva

    //- Aizen seems to be hollowfying at the end//
    And here comes Aizen God-Mode.

    Oh yeah you are DEFINITELY gonna love what Urahara is gonna do.

    1. ZeroG


  2. Myst

    LMAO you should put a PG-13 thing on your posts 😛 And dude, if Urahara’s finally fighting in an awesome way I’m totally watching next episode (although I dropped the series a while ago). I love Kisuke =D

    1. ZeroG

      no need to have a PG-13, I love children under 13, They are my favorite! I like to hug them naked all day long and stuff.

      And ya Kisuke is fucking awesome, He invented like half of the cool stuff in the serie. Also another character I presume will appear shortly is Yoroichi, she’s never far away from Kisuke

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