Nuuu!!! DON'T DISAPPEAR! \\;^;//

Agemaki is asked back home to visit his family by his servant. He asks Zakuro to accompany him and agree to get a list of things that she wanted in exchange. Zakuro discovers that there’s a spirit in the house that has to do with Agemaki’s start of fearing spirits.
Impression: Oh gosh, *fans self with hand* that was so sweet and emotional. I’m so glad that Itsue isn’t completely alone, since Kei’s sister, and perhaps his mother can see her. It saddens me that Kei cannot see her true form anymore, and when she did come out thanks to Zakuro help to reassure Kei, oh good gosh – that was so touching and it made me cry! Heck I’m still crying! Kei’s family is truly wonderful, his father may be a jerk due to spirits, but anyhow they were stilling so welcoming. I think this gave Zakuro an expirence of a family dinner and such. I also was pleased how Kei kept on encouraging her to give him more stamps in order to owe her back.
Thank god she can still have some love!!!

Another thing that I enjoyed this episode, we got a background story about how Kei came to fear spirits in the first place. Sadly enough, it was a shadow that scared him so when he was a child, causing Itsu to be larger in picture than reality. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – they did a really good job in hiding the fact Itsue was the cat, and made it like everyone could see her. The only time it showed us that when we got to see it through Kei’s perspective.
While the episode was just wonderful as usual, it didn’t have anything to do with the main plot – so nothing progressed. So because of that, this is pretty short but considering what we are seeing in the preview, next week Susukihotaru and Zakuro will be switching their partners! I wonder what’s the reason behind that?


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