*********Due to MAJOR homework overlord, episode 473 is incredibly late and I am very sorry.
With hopes that you will forgive me,
-Myst, anime freak and blogger for Angryanimebitches********
As amazing as I find One Piece, I have to say that some parts in these episodes seriously pissed me off. The rest, however, was amazing, and I am happy they finally brought out the encircling walls 😀 Now the real action can start!
The first half of episode 473 was loooooooong and boring -_-‘. The basically just kept it going with Squard and how he feels guilty and all that boring crap no one cares about. Not that I’m saying the characters should all be void of feelings, I’m just saying that no one actually cares about someone like Squard, whom we just met and found out that what he was thinking was, in fact, totally false. The episode before that had covered pretty much everything already, so I doubt this part of the episode was necessary, really. It was just long and boring.
Then follows some more Whitebeard badassness where not only he kicks a giant’s butt in two seconds and a half and says some badass sentences only the cool people can say (In this kind of show, anyways), he even tilts the ground. Now THAT is intense. afterward the scene changes to the best part as of yet: As Luffy is about to finally get to Ace using his personal rocket (or should I say, using his arms), the encircling walls appear and block him, and Akainu throws big meteors on the icy lake, which will melt the ice *gasp*. Yaaaaaay! 😀 Now, normally I would be mad that Luffy couldn’t get to Ace right away, however now I know that the real action’s going to start now, so I’m really excited for the next episodes :D. Yay to the encircling walls.
Episode 474 then follows up on that (After a little scene where the other rookies are shown, which isn’t important now but will be later =D) as everyone dies from either a meteor in the face/boiling hot water/lack of swimming abilities because of devil fruits/Pacifista/the 500 cannons encircling them. Basically, the pirates are screwed. Then Luffy gets his ass kicked and falls into the water (oh crap), but is saved by Jimbei and as Ace will get executed Oars wakes up and tells him “I’ll save you!”, but he almost dies because Kizaru comes in, however Kizaru doesn’t have time to do anything because *gasp* Luffy found a way out of the encircling wall using Jimbei’s ability! (I swear, the action never stops in this week’s episode)
*gasps for air* Phew. Now that was intense. First of all, Luffy is just plain awesome. His reckless personality and his determination is just simply amazing, and I love him for that. For a main character, he’s absolutely awesome.
This week’s episode was INTENSE. I loved it. After many episodes where I was starting to find that it stretched out a bit too much, the encircling walls finally showed up and now it’s only going to get better and better 😀 I’m soooo psyched!