Will you guys forgive me if I skip the summary for this episode?
Bonbori and Hoozuki, my my, they are truly amazing. Their powers put them on a high level of risk if dealing with a powerful enemy due to it coming from their soul, and it’s difficult to fight when another has to defend a bystander – in this case Hoozuki. The two of them make them whole when it comes to their powers, and when they are divided, their strength is reduced causing both of them to become vulnerable. Also whenever one of their flower petals destroyed it injures the one who is activating the spell, therefore singing.

For the main focus of the episode, I found it was very dark. We saw men dead bodies, clearly their soul have been sucked out. The enemies tried to make their move leaving us very little evidence about their goal that involves Zakuro. There was a tinge of blood thanks to Zakuro who stabbed the Black Widow, and a shocking twist that the enemies somehow know about Zakuro’s mother who may be very well alive (although I think it was never confirmed whether she was dead in the first place).

I also found what Susukihotaru said about when she touched that enemy very interesting and important. She mentioned that she could not see anything and it was darker than night, however despite that she was able to feel the powerful feelings of loss, sadness and seeking for something. It was very overwhelming.


Then there was Agemaki’s development. I really loved how he is becoming jealous and his improved tolerance being around Yokais. I was pleased to see a minor development in his and Zakuro’s relationship and helping let out her emotions, moreover having enough trust in him to do that after being approached by two men from the military.

Finally I wanted to ask, am I the only one getting vibes that Zakuro’s mother was actually a Yokai who fell in love with a human or the other way around? Seriously! That could be an alternate reason why she’s a half spirit!


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