Tsukimi goes all out making another dress and enters a competition with Kuranosuke as her model. They win a reward in every category and makes a stunning debut. In the end Chiko’s mother returns and reveals that she wasn’t going to sell the place after all.
Final Impression:
This was a super cute way to wrap this charming story. Tsukimi was on fire, and I am amazed that Kuranosuke wasn’t bothered too much after Tsukimi not only used the pearls from the last episode, but sliced his mother’s dress. Turns out Tsukimi is extremely talented when it comes to designing and making dresses, (gosh this girl got the artistic skills people would die for), Kuranosuke went out as the model, I was pleased to see how Tsukimi absorbed this whole event into her brain to the point she was so overwhelmed she thought she died/was dead.
However, yes here I go again, I got some complaints:
It felt rushed, felt like an anti-climax, superficial luck Chiko’s mother (they look identical btw) returning to say how she isn’t selling the place (but also to have a more realistic solution). No closure to either pairing’s relationship, instead we were revealed that Shouko has a major crush on Shuu, as so he may share the same feelings. Kuranosuke and Tsukimi, ending up as best friends, and moreover much to my surprise, nobody discovered that Kurnosuke is a male.
I am glad there’s an OVA coming out, hopefully it will help make this more of a closure. I would be pretty pleased to see a second season, especially involving Tsukimi as an illustrator as well as see everyone’s romance develop.
Plot: 8/10 – Not exactly new, but did come around with quite a bit of unexpected surprises
Character Development: 8/10 – The character development was really well done, and spent appropriate time on the right characters
Animation Quality: 9/10 – Very little flaws, unique style and was incredibly refreshing
OST: 8/10 – Really settled the Mood
Kuragehime, is one of those animes that will keep you entertained from start to finish. All the characters have their own quirks and obsession which makes them extremely likable depending on your tastes. The plot, predictable depending on your experience with these kinds of shows. Either way, although despite the poor closure, if you like romantic comedies, or just comedies in general, watch this and you will not be disappointed.


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