Fate/Stay sequence much? XD

The security chief is cheating through the security cameras, thus seeing every card in Yusei’s hands.
Thank god Yusei literally had something up his own sleeve and managed to turn the tables by using the amount of cards sent to the graveyard. He already knew that bastard would play dirty, and I am even more thrilled how he owned the guy.  Even better how Aoyama jammed the system for the control panels. Seriously though I hope this will be the last for at least a little bit of Yusei being tortured like he had. He needs a breather you know. Before Yusei leaves the detention center Himuro and the old man both give him one of their cards. Himuro told Yusei that the card he gave him will allow him to meet someone who will help him out.
Gah and by the look of it, that stupid security guy Ushio just can’t seem to let go of his loss, moreover holds a bigger grudge towards him for getting a scar after being swept away by the dump whatever it’s called tunnel. Realistically speaking, I’m surprised he only got away with a scar on his face.
And seriously can’t that stalker (Godwin) get a life? Godwin yes while Yusei is in favor for backing them up since he is the director – but whatever he himself has his own evil motives.


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