Everyone rushes back to Omodaka’s place, they discover lots of corpses in the area that have been killed by the Lady Rangui. Byakuroku is the first to find her only to see that she was too late to save her sister Daidai. Enraged she goes off to attack only to fail miserably. Agemaki and the others, including Omodaka arrive, they all go out to fight Rangui only to have their attacks deflected easily. Soon the Black Widow targets Zakuro and tries to kill her, only to catch Agemaki along with her in the progress.
Final Impression:
Ahhhh…  Gosh, I’ll say straight out right now that I was pretty disappointed with how this ended.  I was really hoping to see a decent fight between Rangui and everyone. I was even more upset to see it only took one strike from Zakuro to do a 1-Hit K.O. just by breaking the seal. But despite the disappointment, the finale was cute and funny – which made it somewhat enjoyable. Another thing that really, and I mean seriously frustrated me to the point I was yelling out objections and demands about why the hell won’t Riken and Susukihotaru just kiss already! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – JUST DO IT! THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT, THEY REALLY SHOULD HAVE. MOREOVER WE DIDN’T GET TO SEE AGEMAKI AND ZAKURO KISS EITHER, INSTEAD THEIR HEADS WERE CROPPED OFF – A WAY TO SPOIL THE FUN!

Overall, Otome Yokai Zakuro was a good show. I can’t say great because the potential epic battles that should have taken place, never happened as well as a few things here and there, however, it definitely caught me off guard about how well it turned out as the plot progressed. In the beginning (aka Preview) I found myself turned off because the promo and summary really sounds dull, and cliched, but in the end it was something that I sincerely enjoyed watching.  Yes it was somewhat slow, but the pacing was very good. They were able to successfully deliver a backstory story, and create character development, and have everyone connected to it one way or another. They didn’t overused characters, they kept them in their proper role and spent appropriate amount of time on them. Another thing is that the character designs were gorgeous, the quality of the animation had its flaws quite often, but overall, they did a good job.
Speaking of characters, although I said they had a good development, I found they could have improved Agemaki’s character into becoming stronger and less as a wuss. Yes he had come a long way from being extremely frightened with Yokai and Spirits to falling in love and being able to communicate with them. As for everyone else, they were pretty fairly done – actually now that I think of it, none of the men got any backstory or development… *SIGH* Oh well, they weren’t the main focus and they didn’t have much to do with the plot so I guess that’s alright.
Plot: 6/10 – The plot was really interesting, however, it was just a bit predictable.
Character Development: 5/10 – Could have been better, especially on Agemaki’s part as I have said in the above.
Animation Quality: 7.5/10 – Good, but there were quite a bit of noticeable flaws.
OST: 8/10 – Bewitching ;D


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