;^; Yuseiiiii!!! D:

Yusei starts being tortured tested  in order to reveal his signer’s marking. When he gets back to the cell the old man tells him about what “signers” and explains that each signer has a dragon. Jack duels the revenge only this time everything feels so hollow for him. In the detention center, Godwin shows up with an excuse of giving everyone a lecture, only to keep his eye on Yusei in particular.

I am amazed that Yusei managed to remain psychologically stabled and survive the torture and everything. While the mean time Jack isn’t being tortured and all and he’s the one who isn’t mentally stabled since his loss, resulting some flaws during his duel against Mukuro Enjo.
That security man, ew. He is so gross – throwing his nostril hair at Yusei, just EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
So now, the old man isn’t completely an idiot – thanks to him and his travels around the world, Yusei was able to learn the same story revolving around the People of the Star’ legend.
Godwin is just evil. And Yusei isn’t an idiot; he knows that man is up to no good. The way Godwin talks about sacrifice so lightly, Yusei is on high alert. Out of all things they are torturing him in order to get that stupid mark to appear again. Nobody can play stupid around Yusei, he’ll read right through them. And okay that stupid secretary, Mikage is like obsessed with Jack, in fact no she’s blind! She fails to realize that Jack wants her to just SHUT UP!!! I don’t blame the guy for being angry that he still owns the title when he had technically had lost.
The animation really wasn’t good this episode. Ugh, it was hard to watch, but that’s just me – I’m picky about these things.
Bleh this is too short for my liking, =3= That’ll be it for this episode.
Preview: Himuro and the old man is being questioned by the look of it, or at least targetted. It also looks like Yusei is going to have to duel that gross bastard and continue being shocked and everything.


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