I didn't know that water was stretchable...

Sakura and her class goes for a fieldtrip at the aquarium. She and her friends go to watch the Penguin when suddenly during the show the woman and a penguin gets caught in a whirlpool or something. Sakura’s brother Touya who happened to be working then saved both the woman and the penguin. Back at home Sakura tells Kero about the incident, suggesting that it may have been a Clow Card. Then they are quickly interrupted with her brother arriving home with Yukito. Kuro reveals that It was likely caused by WATERY, and warns her that it will be difficult since WATERY is one of the more advanced magic much like the other three elements, Earth, Fire and Wind – not to mention its an offensive card so it got a temper they must be wary of.
Sakura love penguins, she just loves them, but she loves Yukito even more to the point she favors him over her brother. It was hilarious to see how ecstatic she was for their so called “date”. Today’s was another episode that involved logic thinking and strategy that doesn’t have the easy way yet – although the it was even more hilarious how simple it was to trap and freeze it.Other than that, she seems to already enjoy sneaking into buildings. It was pretty funny. She also looked super adorable in today’s costume!!!
As for Watery, when they said it was aggressive, they weren’t joking! It was like shooting missiles during its pursuit after her. It probably would have been twice as difficult not having FLY.


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