Yusei finds himself sent to another part of the Detention Center where the prisoners are there for the bare minimum of six months and could possibly be stuck there for the rest of their lives. He discovers that Hirumo and the old man were also sent there due to being involved with Yusei. Not too long later, Himuro finds himself set up by Chief Takasu and tries to get some information about Yusei out of him. The pro duelist refuses to tell them anything ends up getting ‘tortured’, his cries of pain were heard throughout the center. When they toss him back, the chief announces that for the next year everyone’s free time will be taken away due to Himuro’s serious crime. Yusei speaks up and finds himself set up for a duel against the chief. The security takes away old man’s deck as well as Himuro’s leaving Yusei empty handed. Thanks to the other prisoners, Yusei was able to gain enough cards to take on a fight. However the duel with the chief is nothing but a set up for his own victory, placing Yusei’s life on the line.


Well, it seems to be the universe just loves to deliver pain to Yusei. How the hell does his heart handle those electric shocks?
Anyhow, his new roommate is cooler than the old man and he knows when to back off and actually has a bit of a brain! He also created an escape route and invites Yusei to join him.

Of course there Yusei goes and stands up for the people despite not having a deck on him. Lucky for him everyone else who hid their cards gave theirs to him so that he could set them all free. However the major flaw with his deck as Himuro said, they are random and has no strategy or theory. So this will heavily depend on luck unless Yusei was able to make a strategy, and knowing him – he probably did.
That chief is such an asshole. He’s cheating so that it’s only Yusei who’s getting shocked by the electricity. Knowing him he probably got another underhand trick up his sleeve. >_>;;; And it’s not going to be any better.
Preview: The Duel Continues…


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