Forget the subtitle - OBJECTION!

Starts a flash back from two years ago about  Jack Atlas and how he defeated Yusei. Jack thinks about about the past and stares at a dragon card in daze. A man shows up declares he is chosen by the stars. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Yusei prepares his escape from Satellite, with his D-Wheel and set, the only thing that is in his way are some punks from New Domino City that are pissing him off after scoffing at their dreams and beating up his friends. Of course Yusei owns him due to the duelist’s lack of knowledge and was literally killed off by his own cards.
Well I honestly don’t have much to say. We certainly got a minor flashback right off the bat. I laughed with the tone choice they used. We don’t see Sepia tone used often for flashbacks now days. Hahaha. Jack, he’s a strange one. It in the past he looks as if he shared a similar personality with Yusei as being a man with very few words and would rather stand back observe until he had planned everything out before  he somehow took Yusei’s ace along with his D-Wheel (how he got the two hasn’t been revealed yet). HOWEVER, despite that he delivered a very important message to Yusei that influenced him how he dueled, in which we have to respect him for.
As for Yusei he pretty much stayed chilled throughout the entire duel. I have to laugh though because this duel is exceptional for explaining just about everything because the stupid punk was an idiot.
Lastly that butler looking dude, I swear his big talk about how Jack was chosen by the stars made we go, “Seriously man? What era are we again?” So yeah, Jack was chosen by the Stars, so next Yusei is going to be chosen by the Universe. I am totally calling it.
I also rolled my eyes when he added that the people of satellite must remain there since they have to do New Domino’s City garbage and recycling. Dude in other words you just called them your slaves.

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