Story/Plot: Since it’s an OVA and there are only 4 episodes, 15 minutes each, there was not really an actual plot to things. Megane na Kanojo was more about showing cuteness everywhere. In the show, there are 4 different girls completely unrelated from one another (except from the fact they all have glasses), each living their own love story differently with a guy. Each episode has a different couple, and so to talk about the actual plot would be hard, because there really wasn’t any. It was a bunch of unrelated stories put together.
If you separate each episode and look at each short story however, the stories are well done. They are very simple (one-episode things can’t be very complicated) however enough for us to comprehend the situation and give us a reason to find everything cute. The show itself was very cute and funny, and each girl was different and brought a different spice to every episode. There was no cheezy clichéd stuff or barely, and the cute moments were very unique from mainstream romance shows.


The stories by themselves were pretty good, but there was no link in between each episode. However, the show was really funny and original, and the romance was definitely there. It was cute and funny, carefree and I liked it, even with the lack of an actual plot.

Characters: I really liked the girls. They all had different and unique personalities, and apart from Ichinohe Aya, the idol, everyone else was quite different from other shows. They all had their way of thinking and I loved them.

Aso: The first girl we meet. She doesn’t particularly have an extravagantly different personality, however she is really funny and I like it when she stands up for herself and refuses to take her glasses off. Although she’s in the literary club (and therefore should be shy according to Japanese stereotypes) she’s not a girl who likes being stepped on and doesn’t take orders from people, which I like.

Aya: She’s the idol! I really like her personality. She’s open, not shy, and she’s not afraid to relax and drink coffee by herself during her holidays. She doesn’t always feel the need to move and likes relaxing once in a while. She has a very egocentric side however, but it’s not an ‘annoying’ sort of egocentric. She just secretly wants to be recognized because she’s a popular idol, although on the surface she doesn’t want to be because her private life will be ruined. She has a very developed personality for someone we only see for one episode.

Mitsuki: There always has to be a shy girl somewhere. She is the kind of girl that worries a lot about what her lover thinks of her, and she’s not honest with him very much. In her head however, she wants to be a lot closer to him, however she doesn’t want to tell him because she is a very quiet girl, and barely tries anything although her mind is yelling out in the background “DO SOMETHING!”. She is really cute.

Chiaki: I love her. She’s cool looking, an ex-shy person, she changed her personality because she didn’t want to be shy, which shows a very strong character on the inside. She also used to be very violent and I also love that about her. She never actually did anything to Tatsuya unless he deserved it, however whenever he teased her she did not hesitate to attack him, which was hilarious. I still kind of think that she’s like that in high school, although they don’t show it. Her foggy glasses also give her a very cute look despite her violent ways.

The only really flawed characters were probably the guys. Although the girls were very well described for a 15-minute story, the guys had no personality at all. They were just there because they needed to be there, and only Tooru had an actual shy personality. Aya’s date was just so damn stupid, and Junichi and Tatsuya had nothing in particular. There were no details about them at all, and they all seemed pretty plain and boring. I didn’t find anything particularly interesting in them.


The girls were great, the guys were lacking content.

Technicalities: For an OVA, the art could have been better. It was like any other shows aired on TV, and there was nothing very different about it. The girls were very cute, and their personality was usually very well reflected with how they looked. The shy Mitsuki wore plain clothes and a skirt, whereas Aya, the popular and confident idol, had a stylish hat, cute clothes and looked really pretty and stylish even in her “disguised” look.

The opening song was pretty catchy, and it kept getting stuck in my head at the end of every episode. The images could have been a little more original, because all there was to it was pretty much images from the actual show being put into an opening. There were barely any made up images, and there was a lack of creativity there.

Endings rarely amaze me, and this one wasn’t an exception. It was decent. No one cares about endings anyways.


Overall, this show was interesting. I mean, it wasn’t a masterpiece, but I liked it and found it entertaining. It had a lot of unique concepts and I liked how the genre was much more focused on romance and not something involving perverted thoughts or anything like that. It’s an average show, and although it barely has any flaws, it barely has any really good qualities. The personalities of the girls were very detailed, which I liked, however they could have given the guys a little bit more room. Since it’s a short anime, I guess it’s something one could watch over an evening or something when they’re bored and don’t have time to start anything long. For something that’s only an hour long in total, it was pretty good.


 Recommended: Yes