How the Tragedy Began...

Zakuro discovers a secret room as the pendant glows and discovers her mother’s body. By touching her hand Zakuro peers into her memories of the past and learns about her mother’s tragic love story and how she ended up being born as a Half Spirit. At the same time, Kushimatsu shares the same story of the past with the others to explain the situation. When Zakuro finish seeing the memories she is caught my Omodaka who says as much as she looks alive, she is dead since he is the one who killed her. He then casts Zakuro under a spell that leaves her unconscious and carries her out of the room, preparing for the wedding ceremony. In the mean time, Agemaki and the others were able to get into Oracle Village, howver they must find Zakuro before Sunrise.

Holy- how should I describe this episode? Mind blowing? Maybe that works best. Today’s episode couldn’t have been done better. Not only we were able to get answers on what happened in the past, but Zakuro finding her mother (unconfirmed whether she is actually dead or not. Omodaka made it confusing). Anyhow how her mother’s the romance bloomed and ended in tragedy was exceptionally well done. Turns out, in this case, Omodaka and Zakuro are siblings but have different fathers. And out of all things Omodaka despises his mother and doesn’t give the shit about her (I wonder if he were always like that to begin with before he turned out the way he did when he was a kid).

– Lady Tsukuhane was a maiden of Oracle Village (Apparently Not Human)
– Was forced to bare the Chief’s Child – first born was Omodaka (Who she was never able to meet till later on)
– Fell in love with a Human man named Enaga, who taught her many things about life
– Her lover, Engaga was killed by the Chief due to Omodaka spying on them and have told his father just before they were about to runaway from the village.

– Was forced into the ceremony to have her second child as half spirit as the punishment for baring another man’s child

–  Fled the Village with Kushimatsu after she and the chief both discovered that Zakuro possessed an insane amount of power (Used her necklace to seal it)– Raised Zakuro temporally, then had Kushimatsu take care of her while she returned to the village to make an exchange of her return for Zakuro’s freedom
– Asked Kushimatsu to take in any Half Spirits she finds during her travels (This is how Susukihotaru, Bonbori and Hoozuki gets picked up)
– It’s unconfirmed whether she is dead for real at the moment (I don’t know whether I should take Omodaka seriously for what he said)
In the mean time the Black Willow is going to do something to or with Daidai, either that is consuming her, or using her as a backup to interfere with the ceremony at some point. That woman is never up to anything good, so I am actually concerned for Daidai’s case.
Ugh, I am so scared for Zakuro’s sake. Agemaki got to hurry, he really does. The preview got me gnawing my hand like crazy, by all means I don’t want Zakuro to end in the same fate as her mother having to bare of child of a man she does not love, nor to her content.
Last note for I wanted to make, Zakuro really shares her mother’s personality.
Preview: Time is ticking, two episodes left!


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