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Amano and the others created some fabulous new sweets, however they are immediately dragged down and casted into the shadows thanks to Koshiro’s insane amount of advertisement. Forced to come up with another way to attract customers, Lemon suggests that the boys work in an open kitchen, so this way people could see how they make the sweets. Kashino on the other hand stubbornly refuses, Hanabusa was more than happy to contribute. When the day came around, Andou was not able to do the job due to one of the employees got sick, forcing him to return to his shop. Therefore, Kashino was forced to get his ass inside the open kitchen. With the day almost over, a mother drops by with her daughter asking if they could make her daughter a custom birthday cake based off their sketch. Amano immediately accepts and forces the task upon Kashino, in the end making both the customer and Kashino happy with the results.
Good god, with Johnny on the Heiress’s side Amano and the others have to work twice as hard with all this insane and over the top advertising going on. I am curious to know whether the heiress has been bluffing about their sales or not. I mean I understand that they are attracting alot of customers, but are people really willing to wait in line everyday? I know when things are famous such a Smoked meat’s place downtown where I live, people are more than willing to wait an hour in line to get some delicious smoked meat. But this doesn’t quite work the same way. Anyhow I found the episode, not too bad – we only got to see the bare minimum of boys making cakes. I found that was extremely irresponsible of Kashino to continuously decline working in the open kitchen. For the love of god, it wasn’t Andou’s job in the first place, nor is it his shop. he already done a huge favor by making sweets that they failed to do themselves. I find it incredibly disappointing how we barely seen Amano herself make some cakes. I mean for the love of god, she is the main character yes? Well what the hell is she doing being the waitress, get into the freaking kitchen and do something! I had enough with the “THE PRINCES OF SWEETS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN PROMOTE THE SHOP BLAH BLAH BLAH!”.
What I loved about the episode was the sight of those mouth watering, delicious sweets that make me want to eat them immediately.  I truly miss the sight of those things. I mean they are what dragged me into watching this show in the first place – NOT ROMANCE. Trust me on that.

What else am I missing?
… Nothing so it seems. I’m not feeling well today so that will be all. Lets see how the last episode turns out.
Preview: *FACEPALM* Oh great, now we got Vanilla and Chocolate forcing the two to confess and kiss. What a way to cram the last episode.


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  1. Susie

    Hmnn…. I want to see the sweets they make! Maybe I’ll watch it in order to see it. But… I still have to make cookies…. *sweatdrop* 372 cookies. Oh god, I tied my own noose for this project…
    Other than that, your impression is very good, I always love hearing other people’s view on things! 🙂

    1. Eva

      XD 372 cookies? *¬* What kind???
      There are a little bit of baking that takes place in the episode, but really altogether it is probably only 10 seconds of screentime (no joke). The episode itself wasn’t bad, but considering it’s the second to last episode, it does frustrate me on quite a high level.
      ^_^/ Thanks commenting, much appreciated!

      1. Susie

        Well, it’s really just chocolate chip cookies (but I added milk to make them soft even after cooling) and apple drops. The apple drops (the 192 part of the cookies) is for a bakesale. The rest is just for classes.
        Awe man, only 10 seconds? Well at least it’s a bit of food time! 🙂
        Uhm… I can’t believe its second to last episode, it seems so short! *wails* I wanted there to be more food in here!
        Oh, and the “nomnomnomnomnom”ing of the cookies is essencial!

      2. Eva

        Unfortunately yes, the next episode will be the last. There has been no announcement regarding a continuation. :\ We’ll see how it goes.

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