Ok, you might have guessed from this screencap already...

This week is THE week. The one we have all been waiting for…
As Luffy runs down the path to Ace literally, Garp suddenly appears in front of him, blocking the way. Luffy keeps running though, and as he runs (and other marine soldiers are blocked by crazy-in-love Hancock who calls Garp her grandfather now WTF) he and Garp remember when Luffy was a kid, and we now learn why he was so strong already when he started his pirating career. Garp wanted Luffy to be a strong marine and so he trained him a bunch, but Luffy kept his dream of wanting to be a pirate thanks to Shanks’ brainwashing and Luffy ended up being a pirate in the end. They did have some great memories together, and since Garp cares for his grandson at least a little he decides to let Luffy hit him and then falls off the platform. Here ends the Heroic Act of Garp the Hero trying to prevent Luffy from getting to the scaffold. The end of the first half.
d'AWWW he's so cute when he's young ^.^

Anyhow, Luffy has now made it to the scaffold!
Um…Yeah, so much for being overjoyed for about 5 seconds. Until Sengoku finally decides to act and to show that he does more than just look at Whitebeard and say “You will lose!”. In fact, he has this kind of devil fruit power that transforms him into a gigantic buddha that can basically destroy everything. Anyways, Luffy is about to open Ace’s Kairouseki handcuffs when Kizaru destroys the key! Omfg! No key? Now what? Of course, Mr. 3 shows up! He was apparently one of the executioners who got knocked down, and he got there because he has finally decided to help Luffy, just like Mr. 2 did in Impel Down. DAMN RIGHT! THESE CHARACTERS PROVE THEMSELVES USEFUL ONLY IN CRITICAL MOMENTS! If you hadn’t guessed already Mr. 3’s gonna open the handcuffs with his wax ability. Well, after Luffy and Buddha-dude have finished fighting, Luffy using his Gear Third. They destroy the whole freaking scaffold and, as they are falling, Mr. 3 makes the key, gives it to Luffy and Luffy frees Ace! After 50 episodes they have finally RESCUED ACE!!!!!

Alright, now let’s talk about the first half of this episode before I go crazy. I’m glad they showed a little bit of plot between Garp and Luffy. We hadn’t seen much so far and showing this made us understand a bit more  what bonds they had, how much Garp must have been deceived to be enemies with his grandson and all those family ties that would make us weep if it didn’t end up being a good thing in the end in this instance, Luffy getting past Garp. It makes us understand why Garp fell and let Luffy go. Alright, it was totally anti-climatic I must admit because they made a big deal out of it, but hey, at least now we know a little more about Luffy’s past. It also gives us an idea as to why Luffy became so strong -_-‘ His grandfather’s a crazy maniac, that’s why.

Yep, Garp's a crazy maniac. End of discussion.

Now, on to the second half. The one where Luffy finally rescues his brother. OMG! I was in a position where I couldn’t stand at the edge of my seat when I saw this and so could not stand at the edge of my seat, but if I could have, I would have. They really put a lot of suspense into this whole part of the episode and at least Sengoku tried his best to stop them. I would have been really deceived if he had just stayed there to do nothing, which he has been doing ever since this war started. I forgot I was watching One Piece though, and obviously these guys never let characters not take part in big fights! Especially in this one… Oops, I might wanna shut up before I say too much. Anyways, now Ace is on the loose, all fired up literally, and he’s ready to KICK ASS.

Talk about being fired up! After all, all he's been doing these past 30 episodes was whining and worrying and crying, at least now he can finally participate!

Man, Luffy’s determination is amazing. He has one idea in mind, and he always manages to get to that idea, even if it sounds impossible to everyone else. This show really gives off a “never give up on your dreams” vibe, and it psyches me up much more than Naruto does XD No offense to Naruto fans, but I mean come on, fighting off the World Government for his brother and actually being successful? Unlike some character I know… Ok, I stop talking. Before I rant about another certain show which I found good before I discovered One Piece.
So basically, this episode kicked ass. End of review.