...be patient, Oga. Very, very, very, very, VERY patient.

Well, we start off the episode once again in humour as we meet our “not-so-small” cute little baby, who really isn’t that small, in fact he’s grown to be a gigantic dragon and no one accepts him he might not look like a baby anymore but I still feel sad for him D:. Of course, as we all pretty much guessed since Baby Beel can’t be anything else but our little naked cutie-pie he was last episode, it was all Oga’s dream and our favourite Demon Baby is still a baby. Right before the opening, a narrator pops in and explains the basic storyline of the show which means I probably could’ve skipped the first 2 episodes right away… Meh.
To add another thing to the list of troubles Baby Beel is giving Oga In other words, reasons as to why he’s even more of a pain in the ass, we learn that he must be fed 5 times a day, and Baby Beel doesn’t feel the need to point/mumble/look as though he is about to cry when he’s hungry, but rather he enjoys zapping Oga like he usually does Well, it does make it a lot more fun, I have to agree 🙂. Now, Oga being the perfect father as well, he forgets the powder milk nice going, stupid.
After finally finding a milk replacement and owning the face of 3 idiots, Oga hears of a man named “Kanzaki” who is apparently extremely strong and barbaric. Thinking he might be the man who will take care of Baby Beel, he goes to see him and after a fight with Kanzaki’s pathetic subordinate and a scene where Kanzaki acts like a complete butthole, Oga ends up kicking his ass and here ends the possibility of Oga giving up his baby during this episode. The last scene ends as Oga gets zapped as usual and Kanzaki’s smart subordinate looks at our main character and finds him “interesting, possibly even more than Kanzaki” glares Suspicious.
Impression: Hm, this is getting pretty good! Now, this show isn’t part of my favourites so far but there’s nothing really bad about this. The delinquent theme isn’t my style, however the episode was absolutely hilarious and there was also some good action. Also, Kanzaki’s subordinate left me hanging! I’m curious, will he become another good guy? I’d sure like him to be, he intrigues me and I kinda like him already.
Alright, now it’s obvious that Oga will never get rid of the baby and will end up keeping him so I wasn’t too surprised at the outcome of this episode seeing the special kinda spoiled it, too, however it was pretty badass the way Oga beat up Kanzaki, and I like that although he’s the complete antihero he’s still got some badass “You’re an asshole, go die” attitude. Baby Beel was once again a cutie-pie, although he really is a pain to take care of.
HAHAHA You got owned.

As for other secondary characters, this week the one who should be talked about is definitely Alaindelon. This guy is… So WEIRD. Seriously, his Okama look and personality just freaks me out and that scene when he was “getting milk” reaaaaally disturbed me. The way he infiltrated Furuichi’s house, however, made me laugh so much I looked like a total idiot in front of my computer screen, laughing for 10 minutes straight. It was priceless.
O.O *no need to speak words*

Now, for the whole overall impression of the show, so far I basically have the exact same impression as the first episode: It’s a shounen. All shounens are basically like that, although this one seems to be incredibly hilarious and so far what keeps me going is the want for badass action. I would never say this show is one of my favourites, however I can’t seem to stop watching and I don’t think I ever will until the fillers show up hopefully they never will. If that happens, then I’ll probably reconsider. Right now however it isn’t that bad and I seriously can barely stop laughing, so I’ll definitely keep watching and laughing at priceless facial expressions!
Facial Expression of the week:In order to satisfy facial expression fans like me, I have decided that for this show I will put one up for every episode, the funniest I found, and this way we can always laugh heartily at other people looks up BWAHAHAHAHAHA!