UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was intense.

Out of context, this would look totally ridiculous, however considering it was after badass Ace died I can understand.

Following Ace’s death, Luffy and Garp have memories of each other being with Ace, then as everyone weeps even me and Luffy starts losing it, Akainu shows up again with the intention of getting rid of him. Marco however decides to protect him, and tells everyone that Luffy’s life must be saved because that is how Ace’s life will live on. Jimbei takes Luffy (who has absolutely stopped moving) and everyone gets prepared to protect Luffy when Akainu is stopped short in its chase by an extremely angry Whitebeard. Now, I dunno about you guys, but Whitebeard was already pretty badass beforehand… Now imagine him pissed off… O.O. The 2 of them fight for a while, and although Whitebeard seems to be winning at first he receives a major blow once again in the chest. However, it is futile because Whitebeard’s rage exceeds pain, and he destroys Akainu, splitting the whole island in half in the process. By doing so, he has separated the marines from the pirates and now everyone except Whitebeard can escape safely. The rest of the episode is spent by having Whitebeard kill the marines, and this week’s cliffhanger leaves hanging once again as Blackbeard has appeared with the 6th floor prisoners of Impel Down.
Oh. My. God.
…I CAN’T EXPRESS MY FEELINGS FOR THIS GREAT OF AN EPISODE!!! Everything happened. This week’s episode was so incredibly intense I… I… I just… oh my god.
First off, last week I mentioned that I didn’t think the episode was so sad, well the simple reason for it was because this week was the sad episode. I swear, the first 5 minutes of this week was weeping time. When everyone started crying I just couldn’t help but do so as well :(. Afterwards they didn’t even give us a minute to breathe that they had Whitebeard show up and the action there was also of a serious intensity! Of course, they couldn’t stop for a couple of seconds and change scenes, they then had Whitebeard completely destroy the island, which was incredible and Whitebeard’s strength is insane. To continue in the dose of intensity they then had Blackbeard show up, and trust me, it’s going to get even better now that he’s here.
…Words seriously can’t express the greatness of this. I’m just glad Akainu got his ass kicked, he deserved to die. As for Luffy, like I said last week, he’s lost it and has entered a state of shock.
There was no humour at all in this episode. This was one of the most serious and intense episodes I’ve seen so far, and I love the fact that they didn’t stretch everything and rather they put it all in one episode and AAAAAAAAHHHH IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Sadness, action, badass character strength and amazing plot development, all that was managed to put into one episode and I stood at the edge of my seat during the whole time I was watching this.
Next week should be good, since Blackbeard is here! (Also, we now know why he was in Impel Down, he was there for the prisoners)
Alright, I know I'm totally breaking the mood of "this episode was incredibly intense" by putting up this pic, but that's just the BIGGEST DERP FACE I'VE EVER SEEN. It had to be mentioned.