The fight against Aizen seems to be coming to an end,  meanwhile Kurosaki Ichigo is fighting against the treacherous Gin. The combat field is looking grim for Ichigo’s side.


Aizen is such a badass.  I could pretty much end this here, it is a good resume of the story in general.

So the episode starts off with Aizen being the badass he is known to be, he doesn’t even bother with the Triforce’s attack anymore, he doesn’t move a centimeter from his position and stops everything they throw at him with little efforts. And it is not because Kisuke is slaking off, the trio are using everything they have up their sleeves to try and give Aizen atleast a small scratch. Kisuke used a super combo: Feign wanna be spell to distract Aizen followed by Yoroichi shunko to bring Aizen down to his knees by force and finally when Aizen is busy blocking Yoroichi ultimate attack, Kisuke uses his net-web ability to lock Aizen to the ground and proceed to make everything blow up. Just to make sure Isshin then proceed to give him a Getsuga tensho in the back of the head while he is burning in Kisuke fire-web. Now that’s a combo that would have killed all of the espada halfway through, but Aizen is a fucking god. Aizen slowly exits the flame, but atleast, a scar is now present , half of his face fell off during that last attack revealing…I’m not sure what. Let me try and describe it for you. Let’s say you have a cat, you put a large stick up his ass, you ignite the stick and then you wait for a few hours, well that would give you a burned cat. Aizen face doesn’t actually look like that it’s more of an Ocean-of-cosmic-knowledge-and-experience, also known as purple stuff. Aizen truly his invincible, he’s not even really human anymore, or shinigami, what ever. He’s in fact so powerfull that Kisuke and Isshin are not even powerfull enough to sense his spiritual pressure anymore, they are like ants in front of  Godzilla…with guns and it breaths fire. While the trio is getting raped without lube, Ichigo is busy being emo with Gin. Ichigo went from super man that can defeat everything even your mom, to a whiny little bitch. Gin is just like me, he is quite displeased by that, and this is why he proceeds to try and hurt Ichigo a little so that he stops crying in his corner for a second. Ichigo, having no other choice, use his Hollow mask and dodge Gin sword to throw a deadly dark Getsuga Tensho at Gin, and then comes my favourite scene In a while : Gin opens his eyes!

Your eyes are so beautifully evil my dear, I think I'm in love

Gin is so awesome, first time we saw his eyes, and he has the eyes of a serial killer who enjoy torturing his victims until they can’t bare to live anymore… haaa I love this guy.  Anyway,  Aizen was getting tired of playing with the other 3 so he did super purple nova of doom and knocked them all out in one blow. The trio falled from the ski like rocks fall from the sky after you throw them at birds…anyway. Aizen kindly asked Gin to stop trying to kill Ichigo because Aizen wants to have sex with Ichigo when the world ends, and Aizen is not too much into necrophilia. Aizen and Gin started leaving for the real karakura town but Aizen’s crystallized sperm started to fall off, revealing his new form…regular Aizen… but with purple eyes !

Aizen gives a sexy gaze at Ichigo and then leaves with Gin for Soul society, while in the passage between the two world the cleaner appears, even though it’s supposed to be undestructable, Aizen doesn’t give a shit and blow it up, followed by a one liner that sounded to me like “Fuck your shit, I’m Aizen, I do what I want”

Read the subs as "Fuck your shit, I’m Aizen, I do what I want"

Back to the real world Ichigo is still emoing in his corning crying like a baby, but hopefully his father appears to make him realize that Ichigo needs to try and defeat Aizen, otherwise everyone Ichigo ever fought to protect will die hopelessly. Ichigo then say to his father that he can read AIzen powerlevel, this is quite important, since It means that our orange-headed friend is even stronger than any of the other captains, his father or even Kisuke. This leaves Ichigo with still some hope to maybe, if he’s lucky, defeat Aizen. When entering the rift world the kurosaki realized that there is no cleaner anymore and Isshin tells Ichigo that this is a perfect opportunity for them to have father-son  incest…or for Ichigo to learn his final Getsugatensho.

The episode ends when we see Keigo Asano wakes up in a sleeping city where Aizen 2.0 is heading towards.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Aizen looks awesome after his chrysalis stage

  • Ichigo will maybe stop being such a emo starting next episode

  • Gin is awesome, we don’t know his real power yet, but I’m sure he will be able to kill everyone on earth just by thinking their name, he’s just too awesome for anything else.


This was a great episode, next episode should be quite interesting, we’ll be able to see Asano get destroyed by Aizen, nothing better could possibly happen to bleach than to eliminate some annoying, worthless characters. Plus maybe we’ll see Ichigo “Final Gengetsu !” which will probably be ridiculously stupid looking and not that powerful in the end.

See you again soon


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  1. Eva

    // Plus maybe we’ll see Ichigo “Final Gengetsu !” which will probably be ridiculously stupid looking and not that powerful in the end.//

    Dude you are totally underestimating this.

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