Yusei gets stalked around the city as he goes to a bar in a quiet alley downtown that Hirumo told him to go to. From there he leaves and gets picked up by someone on a D-Wheel and loses the people following him. After being picked up by Saiga, the two of them organize and hack their way into the security so that Yusei can go undercover to reclaim his possessions at the Security Warehouse.

From the start of the episode Yusei is stalked by spies, goes into a bar to show the bartender Hirumo’s card then epically asks for a glass of milk. A GLASS OF MILK WHILE BEING TOTALLY BADASS AT THE SAME TIME? Hahahaha! Of course later in the episode when he went undercover, then been ‘caught’ by the security and the sore loser cop, so he climb into that giant crate like a ninja and burst out with an epic entrance, then have an epic pursuit battle with the sore-loser cop. Speaking of Ushio, his monsters this episode looked pretty sick. I loved the mecha-like monsters.

Yusei was totally badass this episode.

The episode was pretty exciting, I loved how things played out, how Yusei acted oblivious about Ushio right behind him (pffth as if he didn’t know that, we’re talking about Yusei here)! I also enjoyed the hot pursuit, whereas Yusei is being trapped like a mouse, but thanks to Saiga he’s going full speed, trusting that Saiga has a plan for him.

Now Saiga, I found it exstremely amusing how Yusei didn’t even say anything and that man went on about his days as a Tag Dueler and how he doesn’t believe in friendship and so on. Now that I think of it, seriously people love to bash Yusei’s beliefs. O_O;;;


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