Bleach 305: The Beauty and the Errand Boy


Hisagi and Matsumoto are sent in a mission to discover the reason for recent disappearance in a sector of soul society, but Matsumoto main weapons are being used against Hisagi instead of the enemy.


Here comes another filler episode of bleach ! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!

But in all seriousness, this is the last the fillers for a while (I hope), and this episode is not as bad as the previous ones. Now don’t get me wrong here, I said not as bad, I didn’t say enjoyable, but it is still much better in comparison.

So the episode will focus on Hisagi, the poor guy has a hard on for Matsumoto and her enormous breasts and he’s playing the good guy to gain her attention. But Matsumoto is a femme fatale, she’s seductive and she knows it. She’ll use that power to gain everything from a man, without questioning those man’s feelings.

two lovers under a tree to protect themselves from the rain, how romantic !

Hisagi and Matsumoto are summoned by Toshiro to go in a dangerous mission to some nowhere’s land in soul society. They are to find the source behind mysterious dissapearance in the region.

Now Hisagi is quite happy about this whole going in a mission alone with Matsumoto in a lost corner of the world, but at the same time he is a loyal kiss-ass and he doesn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the mission.

At some point during the mission an odd lady invited them to their inn and Matsumoto accepts, they go and Matsumoto is a real slutty-bitch  to Hisagi, and the guy seems kind of overwhelmed with the situation.

I would come inside anytime

At one point things gets quite intense for him, but this is when all my hope…I mean, Hisagi’s hope to see Matsumoto naked vanish… a giant hollow appears!

Hollows always ruin all the fun

Hisagi and Matsumoto easily defeat her and Matsumoto proceed to tell Hisagi she was playing games with him the whole time to lure the hollow out. the poor guy just realized he was a simple bait the whole time but he’s a stubborn fool and the very next day he’s still all over Matsumoto again.

That guy will never learn, but what ever everyone loves having someone blindly following them what ever you do.

So after all this story nothing changed, and everyone’s still the same as ever. Plus we didn’t get to see Matsumoto secret weapon of mass seduction, so really bland in the end.

Things I liked about that episode

  • Nearly got a nudity scene

  • The story was kind of entertaining


In conclusion, next week we go back to the real show, so we’ll finally see some hot Ichigo on Ichigo action, that’s something nice to look forward to.

Until then keep pressing F5 until I write the next episode next week.


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