Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode 2: 'Tis a New Year For Our Lovely Cutie Pie :3

Wanna know something interesting? It is the second year of our friend Sawako on this second episode of this second season I know, it’s lame but I thought I should mention it.

D'Awwwwwww ^.^ Sawako you're so pretty and adorable! I wish I could have her as my little sister ^.^

P.S.: Please excuse my abuse of strikeouts in this post Then again, I really don’t care…
Alright, so basically the producers made us all believe that last episode started a new season, and therefore a new semester! Well, it turns out they screwed us over and our lovely characters are now entering their second year of high school, and so they basically skipped an entire semester in a week :D.
o.o Woahhh, Pin in a suit? He actually looks pretty decent for once o.o

So anyways, Sawako is a lucky girl because all her friends from last year are in the same class as her we then learn that it’s Pin’s influence, moreover Tomo and Ekko are there too, of course Kazehaya is still in her class If he wasn’t the storyline would just plain suck, but of course it’s Kimi ni Todoke so it can’t happen and Pin is still their homeroom teacher YAAAAAY! For all the people that hate Pin because he’s an idiot, I have to say that I love him because he’s an idiot.We also meet a new character whom we glanced at last week You know, that suspicious dude with the flowy hair? Yeah, him and we learn that his name is Miura Kento Quite frankly, he looks FREAKING ANNOYING, but you know, first impressions aren’t always good… He seems quite interested by Sawako GTF away, dumbass and Kazehaya goes into extreme jealousy mode. The story then decides to focus once again on our 2 other secondary couples as they spend a little bit of time alone I actually love Pin and Ryuu much more than I love Kazehaya… If it wasn’t for my complete love of Sawako I wouldn’t favour the main couple that much XD
O.O HOLY SHIT that was a LOT of strikeouts. Mwahahahahaha 😀
😀 Aren't they just the best couple ever? IT'S A PERFECT MATCH :3 Ryuu, you're awesome

Then follows a REAAAAAAAALLY CUTE scene between Kuronuma and Kazehaya alone together in the classroom, and in the end Sawako becomes really shy and then suspicious dude shows up and notices the love flowing between Sawako and Kazehaya Of course everyone notices except those 2, because they’re completely blind, but anyways…
D’Awwwwwww, cute episode! ^.^So many d’Aww moments. I really liked this episode, mostly because the producers finally decided to give Kazehaya some substance and some personality. I’ve always thought Kazehaya had a pretty empty personality and I found he was always just there in order for Sawako to like him. Like I said before, Pin and Ryuu have already a lot more content than Kazehaya does, and it made me favour the secondary couples more than the main one. However, in this episode we learned that he actually had some guts and that he wasn’t dependent on other people to help him, a characteristic which I absolutely love in a guy. This week Kazehaya earned back my respect and gave me a reason not to ask myself why Kuronuma would like him. His jealousy fit against Miura was pretty cute and funny as well, and that also added a little bit more substance to his near-empty personality.
Talking about Miura, this guy is totally suspicious, just like I was saying last week, and it’s obvious that he’ll bring some problems to our dear Sawako and her soon-to-be boyfriend. He is also a complete pain in the ass, and acts exactly like Pin: He’s stupid, loud and a complete attention whore. He does seem to have a nice personality on the inside however, and I actually don’t dislike him that much despite his suspiciousness and loudness I didn’t forget your flowy hair from last episode however, Mr. Suspicious stares.
Ok, he is kinda good-looking though... I can't deny that

AW MAN, why is Sawako so shy around Kazehaya now? o: They used to have a nice vibe going and hopefully they were going to get closer soon D: but now they’re even less talkative to each other than before because Sawako gets really embarassed everytime they’re alone… Of course, when she said “It’s just that there was nothing I could say that wouldn’t mean something special”, I totally understood her. Completely. But anyways, it still pisses me off because it’s really obvious that they like each other and they should just go out already… D: Ahhh, shoujo romances, how they just take forever for obvious things to happen…

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  1. Your use of strikeouts changed my life. 😛
    Yeah Kazehaya is kinda too perfect sometimes, so it’s nice to see he’s actually human? O.o

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