It’s time for the next round of the Fortune Cup, when then suddenly Godwin announces they will host a consolation game for those who lost the first round. Rua is ecstatic to be given a second shot, however much to their surprise, when it came to bringing them back on stage, it was Rua who was in the spotlight. She refuses to go up until Ruka gets her to where as she tells hims he will try defeating her opponent where as he can take over afterwards. Up in the tower, Godwin explains to Jack that Rua could very well be a signer due to claiming she can communicate and hear with Duel Monsters spirits and had been in their world the entire time she was in a coma back when she was a child. However she has no memories of being there. So the duel begins, Ruka meets her creepy opponent Professor Frank. After she summons Sunny pixie in defense mode, he summons a Symmetry Rorschach – where everything becomes even more creepier than ever. Ruka has no idea what the hell that monster is, Professor Frank asks her if she’s familiar what a Rorschach Test, and tells her this will be a psychological battle test, based on any of her wary emotions towards the Symmetry Rorschach’s form.

Much to her horror the Symmetry Rorschach transformed into a pixie and its head changed from its cute face to a horrid monster attacking with Spiral Mind. Frank activates its effect forcing to turn her top card face up, Peeping Mind (for god sakes, these creepy effects and monsters match his personality WAY TOO MUCH) and summons Kurribon. Suddenly she recalls some memories she forgotten, of her parents and her brother crying out for her. On the stands, Rua is physically shaking says that for some reason he’s feeling afraid. Then before Ruka realizes it, she finds her consciousness in the spirit world. In the mean time her brother Rua also seems to be out of it.

Okayyyy~ What. The. Fuck. That priest assassin psychologist professor is totally a pedo. TOTALLY. I MEAN, EW. THE DUDE FREAKED ME OUT. Not only that, Ruka can hear the spirits of the deck… well whatever, we learned about that back in episode 13. She got a cute deck, so I am not complaining. 😀 HER PIXIE ISSS SO CUTEEEEEEEE AND TINNNNNYYY!!!! <3 <3 <3 KURRIBON AS WELL, I LOVE ITS NAME! LOVE IT! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

THEY TOTALLY HACKED FACEBOOK. TOTALLY. THOSE FUCKING SECURITY BASTARDS, USING THEIR POWER TO GET INTO THESE THINGS. THERE’S NO OTHER EXPLANATION!!!! BESIDES THAT I THINK IT’S COMFIRMED THAT HE TOO IS A PEDO. OH SHIT THAT MAKES TWO PEDOS IN ONE EPISODE. NOT COOL. Ahem, anyways: I do love Rua’s and Ruka’s bonds and how their kind of share (whether they are aware of it or not) each other’s emotions. I was even more interested how when Ruka consciousness drifted off to the Spirit’s World, so did Rua’s – however he’s nowhere in sight in that place, but is most certainly unconscious in their world.
Finally, when Ruka was like, totally out of it. That professor was like… was I the only one feeling totally… how should I say it. It’s like your personal space is being invaded. It’s horrible not to mention uncomfortable!
=_=; Sorry for making this short and having a crappy summary again, I’m feeling terribly sick today.


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