Card Captor Sakura Ep 4: Almost too Good to be True

Sakura is forced to cancel her plans with Tomyo due to having to do all the chores which she had promised her brother the week before. She and Kero cleans up in the house, while she’s at it she finds two Clow Cards, one of them is WOODY and the other was unknown due to ‘ink’ all over it. Thinking she needs to clean it, she goes to get a towel only to get distracted due to having to answer the phone and run over to the bus station give her father his presentation. If that wasn’t enough to distract her Yukito invites her for lunch. Returning back home she starts hearing strange noises from the basement, from there WOODY has become activated and started sprouting. Thanks to all the roots it made it difficult for them to get into the basement. Turns out the other hand that was covered in ink was RAIN, which influenced WOODY to grow and find sunlight.
While this episode was cute I found it boring. So this impression will be pretty darn short since I really got nothing to discuss about. It was pretty convenient that she was able to find two good cards in her house, of course it sucks to be her that she has to clean up the house all over again (only its twice as bad from that start). So pretty much her day was a rollercoaster with the ups and downs testing her luck.
*I won’t bother uploading preview images anymore for this show.


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0 thoughts on “Card Captor Sakura Ep 4: Almost too Good to be True

  1. Ah, I remember when the not so great English dub aired, makes me feel younger again.
    Also: nice blog, I’ve read some of your stuff, and really enjoy it.

    1. ^_^ That’s why I watch the subs, dubs make my ears bleed – it’s too painful to watch. XDDD
      Thanks for reading 😀 I hope you continue to enjoy it! 😀

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