Bleach 302


Ichigo, with the help of his dad, start his training in the precipice world while Aizen step foot in the real Karakura town, where Ichigo’s friend are unknowingly wondering what is happening to the town.


This episode was amazing, we start off with Isshin telling Ichigo that he will have 2000h to train inside the precipice world to learn his final Getsugatensho. Meanwhile Asano wakes up in the middle of a sleeping city. The guy is still as annoying as ever, but hopefully Arisawa soon appears to save the day! Asano proceed to whine a little bit more but he soon has to take care of Chizuru and her huge boobs helps him keep his mouth shut. All hail the power of the breasts!

Meanwhile Ichigo is busy dodging his father’s fist and trying to enter into his inner self-city. when he’s finallly able to enter, we see a replica of Karakura town under the ocean has become what his inner-world is all about. Ichigo then meet the hipster kid named Tensa Gatgetsu, who happens to be Gatgetsu form when Ichigo is using Bankai. So they talk a bit and try to learn more about each other…or actually they might be fighting. Yup they are fighting, that was unexpected. The hipster kid tell Ichigo he doesn’t care about what Ichigo wants, he only care about having a cool town with big skyscrapper, The Hipster isn’t so hipster after all hum. Tensa then slash Ichigo’s chest open and let escape Ichigo’s inner hollow. Ichigo’s inner hollow is now so badass, it is incredible. Still this is about as far as it goes for them.

The guy looks younger doesn't he?

Meanwhile in Soul Society, Aizen is having fun walking in town and completely annihilating people when he pass by them. Wouldn’t it be fun to be so powerfull that your simple existance is too much for people to stay in existance? I love Aizen. After having some fun Aizen sees Asano and Arisawa walking around, he proceed to step close to them and have some fun with their lives.

Randomly killing everyone who cross your path seems so boring

Will the two survive? Will Ichigo defeat his Inner Hollow once again? To be seen in a far away episode after many fillers!

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Aizen is super awesome

  • Arisawa is kind of badass even if she is powerless

  • Ichigo’s Inner Hollow looks more awesome than ever


This was a good episode, I really enjoy seeing the clash between human/shinigami. I feel that Aizen and Arisawa meeting each other is quite interesting and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Unfortunetely it seems I’ll have to wait a long time, since there will be at least 2 fillers after this episodes. sad face

ZeroG taking his leave

Bleach 303

The episode contains two mini-story, the first one is a new years party in Soul Society, while the second part is the new year in the real world from Inoue point of view.


play Thriller in the background

Cause this is Filler, filler night

And no one gonna save you from the boredom about to strike

you know it’s Filler, filler night

you’re bored for your life not feeling chiller, filler tonight

/end song

So if you got the earlier hint, this episode is a filler, it is a mervelous Happy new year episode where nothing interesting happens and where 30 minutes were wasted, but since 30 minutes is not that long, I’ll waste even more of my time writing this summary, and of yours since you are reading it (At this point you should have left already).

So the first story is about the Soul Society girls receiving new years cards, but then randomly the boys come in and everything turns in a Men vs Women situation. If I had understood how it came to that I would have told you, but I think rolling a dice and a lack of inspiration is the answer to how this happened. Now they decide to play a game to settle their difference, and everything turns wrong and chaos is quick to follow.

Men vs Women: The game is on

I mean seriously this part of the episode made no sense at all. I think someone brought a used toilet paper and they decided they would used it for today’s script.

The second story though was a bit more well thought, even if that was not too hard to beat.

In the second story we see Orihime wishing a happy new year to her dead brother, and then she wander off and see all of her friend with their family, but she is alone sniff. Anyway Rukia and Rinji comes over to keep her company and in the end they arrange for her to meet all her friends at the shrine for the new years prayer and she was quite happy.

Ohhh what a good ending ! too bad I don't care

She lived happily ever after…

Well I mean it was a cute little story, but nothing impressive either. Rinji was randomly hit by everyone for no reason at all but what ever, it looked like fun.

In the end this episode sucked, they could have simply skipped a week of Bleach and the world would have been the same if not better.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • It finished


If you haven’t seen the episode, you can skip it, nothing of value will be lost. But I have bad news for you, next week will be another filler! YAIII!!

Remember that random episode with flying carpets and stuff? the random episode that have led so many to suicide?

Ya well they believe to make a  sequel was a good idea…Dear Lord !

ZeroG Signing off, for my hopes in humanity has vanish