*POKE WITH STICK* Is he still alive?

Saiga blew up the elevator door open for Yusei (when did he set it up?!) who wasn’t exactly prepared to be fall, thus really didn’t have a good grip on his D-Wheel. Ushio continues to pursuit him persistently and carry on with the duel, on the other hand Yusei really couldn’t care less about the duel and just wanted to get the hell out of the cop’s sight. Saiga gives him more instructions in order to try and get ahead of Ushino. The two meet up again as they continue their escape, Yusei asks Saiga to explain what happened with his friend after Saiga told he only came to see how Yusei’s fate would end up. Shortly after Ushino catches up after busting himself out of the elevator and attempts to finish the duel. In the end it was his loss, but regardless Yusei ended up getting attacked by tasers while escaping. He crashes in front of a building left unconscious, he is found by two children who are twins.

That was pretty cool battle. There was pushing and shoving and of course, last minute comebacks – it was pretty entertaining. Ushino chasing Yusei reminded me alot of a hot pursuit, maybe not an awesome but still the same one way or another. What I found funny was that Yusei honestly wasn’t up for a duel, he was like, “God damn it, not again for the third time!
O_O; Aye… Yusei got/getting hurt again, by more than one taser – seriously how the hell does his body handle this? It’s almost painful to watch. And now… he corspe body is found by two little kids, and one of them apparently sensed something was happening outside (LOL). Seriously what did their parents say about bringing in strangers? By the look of it, they live alone.
=3= Not much more to say, for this episode.


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