Madoka has a dream involving her world in chaos and a mysterious transfer student Akemi. Later during the day, Akemi asks Madoka to take her to the nurse office, while doing so she fires off several mysterious questions and tells her to remain as who she is and not to change. After school Miki and Madoka head to the mall to find some music, when suddenly Madoka hears a voice crying out for help. She goes into a renovation site within the mall and encounters an unknown creature being chased by Akemi herself.
First Impression:
The first thing I noticed is the unique art that immediately made me think of the Black Rocket Shooter. Everything is modern, sketchy, dark and any color that was lighter were washed out. Some are saying that the animation quality and character designs remind them of how anime was like back in the 90ies, which is kind of true. Another thing I found different was how they focused on different objects, numbers and spaces with certain colors – in fact scratch that, colors itself played it’s own role this episode, not to mention alot of scrap book effects and grudged textures.
What makes this episode more interesting is that we weren’t exactly given an idea what any of the characters are like. Instead it focused alot on the plot progression.
If people thought this was going to be another typical magical girls series, I think they are underestimating this. This entire episode gave me chills and goosebumps, and I am looking forward to see more about the plot. Also, rather than have the main character become a Puella Magi within this episode, they had her and her friend Miki witness a mysterious phenomena that they described as a nightmare. Plot wise, I think there are going to be some unexpected twists, and I got the feeling it may involve Mami as the true villain. Yes that is a pretty far fetched idea, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were to happen.
As for characters, we know that Madoka had a dream, and it involved Akemi. Madoka, she seems like a low-key character who really rather not being in the center of attention, shockingly she isn’t interested in falling in love like most typical magical girls. However somewhat I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up as a Shoujo-ai!
Now judging Akemi’s behavior and attitude towards Madoka, and what she told gives me the impression that the reason why she was attacking Kyube was to prevent her from agreeing with its contract to become a Puella Magi. The question is though, what role was she playing in that dream?
Miki – we didn’t learn much, so I’ll skip her: Mami on the other hand, clearly considers Akemi as an eyesore. She also a Puella Magi who can summon several large oversized pistols and fire them like a gundam mobile suit would. Mami got quite a mysterious aura around her, as I said in the above, she probably got a darker side which may make her the villain.
The OST, although it was very brief this episode, it was seriously enchanting!


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