The story starts with a boy name Clain who is living in a century that being processed by a technology called Fractale. While heading back from the Junk Market and told to stand still to do the daily prayer. While waiting, he suddenly spots a woman flying at him, and quickly followed by an airship (I don’t know what else to call it). Clain decides to follow them on his bike, worried the woman was in trouble. Suddenly his bike stumbled and sends him flying off, disconnecting his earphones from his ipod he was using. The music plays out loud and catches the woman’s attention. She smiles at him as she gets up and drops herself off of the flying mobile she was on – and at that moment, for some reason, he believed that she could fly.

First Impression:
Wow. Just, wow. I don’t know how to describe it – which is why I got no extra title for this entry. There’s something about this show that makes it feel so refreshing. Perhaps it’s the style, perhaps it’s the lack of crappy digital effects for common transportation which we have been seeing for the last few years? Who knows, but without a doubt it’s something that really caught my attention. Speaking of which, the animation style, is very different – and I love it.
The opening, by all means I never thought I’d see anything like it – throughout the entire thing. It was like having my itunes visualizer on, and if you’re a fan of just staring at such for hours, you’ll just love this! Since I am a fan, I found this extremely fascinating – but it will be something I’ll just continue skipping.

So what is Fractale?
Fractale  is a technology “…that is made up of several trillion computers are are networked by  embedding a Fractale Terminal in your body and periodically sending your life log to the SkyHigh Hovering Server…” using 22nd century science. This technology allows everyone to receive a basic income and guarantees a life even if they don’t work (I don’t know whether that’s good thing or a bad thing – sounds more or less of an excuse for someone to be lazy  >_>) And they call this a mankind God of the century. Now days, the people live on by using Fractale’s technology in order to have bodies called Doppels. Clain’s parents are one of those who uses them. This Fractale is without a doubt (stating the obvious) the key to this plot, and will have a heavily influence what will happen in the future episodes.
As for characters. Clain seems to be an interesting one. He adores classic, old technology and prefers it over the current and new. Phryne, we aren’t given much information about her except for Clain revealing that she is a priestess from the temple. She herself also indicated she doesn’t know too much about herself, and she may not be someone from this time since she mentioned about the difference in eras. Her personality is cute, I found it funny how she wanted him to smile and started pinching his cheeks, unfortunately it seems this will be the last we will see her for another while.
Lastly the UNKNOWN-FAIL-GROUP (I’ll call them that for now), they are so stupid. They disguise themselves thinking they’d trick Clain, and they even jumped to conclusions that he was trying to do naughty things. Finally there’s that mysterious girl who just appeared out of the light while Clain was going through the data of the amulet that Phryne given him the night before.
There’s only one thing that is bothering me at the moment. That is the voices, I find some of them very annoying, and in particular that wanna-be-master-of-disguise girl’s drove me nuts.
Last thing I wanted to mention, was I the only one who thought of, “OMG IS THIS MIKU FROM VOCALOID?” when that song started playing on Clain’s MP3? I swear it sounded so much like her.
Preview: Apparently there’s none, so we’ll have to wait till next week to find out who’s that mysterious girl.


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  1. Myst

    😮 I agree with the refreshingness. Somehow I find the style of the show reminds me so much of last exile, and yet the story seems to be COMPLETELY different, it might be this feeling that makes it so different… As for the opening, it was awesome but they should have added at least parts of the story…XD This just looks as though they had too much fun with Windows Media Player -_-

  2. Eva

    ROFLMAO, well that’s what makes it stand out, that’s for sure!!! Or they decided to save money by just doing that knowing ppl would just skip the op, even if they were watching it on TV anyways

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