Hourou Musuko Episode 1 [First Impression]

Hourou Musuko starts with Shuichi, Takatsuki and some of their elementary friends attending their entrance ceremony and their first day in Middle School. 
First Impression:
I was somewhat conflicted how to summarize this, so that’s why it’s so short, (much shorter then I hoped). If you haven’t read the manga, you may be just slightly confused with the time jump. Rather than starting off in elementary like the manga did, they start in middle school instead – continuing the conflicts and complications that emerged by the time they all finished Elementary. It might be appropriate to do a jump like this – especially since these kind of characters were young, and only being younger may not have the audience take them as seriously as they should.
Every time I read Hourou Musuko, I my heart swells and warms up, and while watching this episode, it did the same.  The production team did a fabulous job adapting the manga’s style so well. The graphic effects, the character’s design, the seiyuus did a wonderful job with the character’s voices. I have high expectations for how well this adaptation will turn out. The quality of this work is top notch and I would love to see this continue straight to the end. The only primary concern I have is how well they are going to stick to the story itself.
The characters are very special. They are a group of friends who were all in the same elementary who have a mutual understanding and support for both Shuichi and Takatsuki who would rather dress up as their opposite gender. The fact that they accept them as who they are, has so much meaning, that you can’t describe it with words.


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