Yumekui Merry Episode 2:*nomnomnom* Donuts!!!!

Following Merry’s collapse last episode, Yumeji brought her to Isana’s place where she could be taken care of. While Merry is slowly getting used to her new place of living, the scene changes to another girl who seems to be talking to an invisible person. She is grateful to that person/spirit/thing whatever it is because he/she/it helped her find out what her dream was I sense suspiciousness…glares Anyways, back to Yumeji and Merry, we learn that Merry is a Dream Demon, and so was the thing from before. For some reason, Merry was sent in the human world, however she doesn’t know how she got there, and then there’s an emotional moment happening when suddenly Isana pops up and offers donuts First thought: WTF?!        Second thought: I want donuts!, which makes Merry incredibly happy She has a donut obsession… So do I, actually :3 I want donuts now. When night falls however, Merry leaves the house, because she can’t live here and wants to go back to her world.

*drools* If I had donuts I'd make the same face as her

We are now back in school where a new transfer student appears, Kawanami Chizuru just like the poem guy mentions, she seems to be the tsundere character of the story.We are barely introduced to her when the scene changes and we witness the nurse girl from before being attacked by a Dream Demon who takes her body and possesses her. The last scene involves Merry and Yumeji both trying and failing to convince themselves that they don’t need to be together and being alone is best yeah yeah whatever, just go save her already…
Unfortunately, this episode didn’t give off the same vibe as the first one, and I’m not too sure if the show will be as enjoyable as I thought it was going to be after the first episode. We’ve had more plot and a much better explanation of what Merry was, which helped a lot in the understanding of the story, however the transfer student kinda caught me off guard and deceived me a little. Really? They had to introduce her an episode later, why couldn’t she be there beforehand? -_- Anyways, apart from that, I’m still curious as to how Yumeji’s power will be useful to Merry in the end, and I can already foresee the ending. Merry’s out looking for her world, her and Yumeji will form a strong bond and in the end she’ll stay in the human world because she’s attached to everyone and donuts. Of course, this is a pure guess, but that’s what I think. The ending was also pretty predictable and the cliffhanger failed to hook me, because next episode it’s obvious that Yumeji will go look for Merry.

On a side note, don't you find the teacher is reaaaaally creepy looking? *glares* Suspicious.

Apart from that, I liked how in the end the girl was possessed by the Dream Demon, because it beats those cheezy animes where no one dies I like it when people die 😀 No matter how sadistic that sounds. Once again, there is a scary vibe going in the background of this episode, and it kinda creeps me out. Daydreams are scary, man. I was also surprised how Serio wasn’t the bad guy, and I feel bad for him now. He looked so innocent!
So basically, this week’s episode wasn’t as great as the first and the ending of the show seems predictable, however there were a lot of small surprises in the episode that can lead me to think that this will be different and rather interesting. I am curious as to what the rest of the show will bring, and I seriously hope I won’t be deceived!

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