Creating Chaos is always fun! :'D

After investigating the amulet Phyrne left him, out pops out a young girl who clearly knows nothing about their world. Not understanding what or who she is, Clain finds himself having to run after her all day to keep her out of trouble. In the end after sending her to the police station, Clain finds himself feeling even more alone than ever.
LOL, Nessa is so cute, you can’t hate her! She is so fast, creates chaos that while thinking everyone is having fun, oh gosh it’s so hilarious!
Well now the adventure is finally starting, we have no idea where the hell those ‘Cops-Wannabes‘ are heading, so I’ll be looking forward to that. Phyrne is in deep trouble with the priestess at the shrine who says she will get a heafty punishment. The fact she is smiling while saying that means it’s not going end nicely. It’s even more interesting how she mentioned Phyrne took the key to the world – which without a doubt is the key to the plot and her wanting to make a difference to the current ways… or so it sounds like. At the same time Clain has come to realized that he hates being alone and surrounded by Doppels. It upsets him that his parents aren’t actually home and their strange logic about trust.
Usually I don’t remember Seiyuus very well, but Kana Hanazawa (she does Nessa’s voice) is one of those people who I actually remember and can identify without knowing the cast – and it’s really all thanks to Kobato which was such a lovely series. Speaking of Kobato, she and Nessa share a very similar curiosity killed the cat personality. Which is why I like her alot. I’m looking to the next episode, it’s a killer to not have a preview – it makes me sad. ;A;


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