No sense of danger when someone behind you looks as if they are ready to shoot you O_O;

Clain and Nessa were captured by Enri and her brother who turns out to be part of a “terrorist” group called the Lost Millennium, that are living like regular humans should without the ‘divine‘ fractale system. Clain is brought on one of their missions to witness the disturbing hidden secrets about the Fractale system, which turns out their prayer is nothing more than brainwashing run. When things couldn’t have get more shocking, the priestess that is the key to the ceremony it revealed as Nessa’s true body, and Phyrne’s sudden reappearance.
First thing first, I was rather frustrated with the extremely poor video and  audio quality (which by the way was not synched whatsoever) that Funimation streamed. I mean I heard about big uproar how they weren’t going to be allowed to stream but seriously Funimation? Give us better quality otherwise nobody will watch it from your site. Of course when I came back to see maybe they had fixed it  THEY SUDDENLY ADDED A FUCKING A REGIONAL PROTECTION – ISN’T THAT IRONIC? SO ANYONE OUTSIDE OF THE USA CAN’T FUCKING WATCH IT, SO GUESS WHAT I HAD TO DO? YEAH. STREAM ELSEWHERE.
WHOA. Now talk about getting straight to buisness. So Clain and Nessa were captured by Enri and her buddies who turns out to be part of a “terrorist” group that are living like regular humans should without the ‘divine’ fractale system. Clain discovers the dark hidden secrets about the Fractale system – and then BAM THERE’S SHOOTING AND BLOOD SPLURTING EVERYWHERE. I didn’t quite see this coming at all, I mean I figured that yes they’d be some action – but rebels and all this? NOW WE’RE TALKING! 😀 Moreover when Phyne suddenly made her entrance like that, holy shit – am I the only one who thinks that she may have been captured and brainwashed to the point she doesn’t remember Clain?
So to give a brief idea wtf is happening, this Fractale system is actually collapsing. It seems that more people are starting to question about their well being, and their daily lives – and the Lost Millennium (ROFLMAO GUESS WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I HEARD THIS?) is a group of rebels that live normal every day lives such as ourselves and eat organic, healthy meals harvested by themselves as well as usual and modern day technology for transportation, weapons, etc… I was very amused how ecstatic Clain was when they first arrived into the city. It was very entertaining to see how he was fan-boying about all the ‘antiques’.


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    o: What did you think when you heard Lost Millenium? XD LOL
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      :’D Hint: Related to my latest obsession

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        Ohhhhhh, 😛 Of course you had to mention it ;P

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