Madoka and Miki continue to grieve for Mami – Madoka declares she will not become a Puella because she feels she can’t do it. Miki on the other hand grows more desperate as her from Kyousuke becomes more depressed about how he will never be able to play the violin again. After visiting Mami’s apartment and grieving there, she runs into Akemi where they talk, while she explains that since Mami was killed in the other world, her body will never be found and be declared missing forever in their world. Madoka tearfully tells her that she will not forget Mami or her, and that no matter what happens she will remember them and be thankful for what they done. After going their separate ways, Madoka spots her friend Shizuki behaving strangely and discovers that she has been cursed by a witch. She ends up following Shizuki where as she sees more people arriving, when suddenly she spotted them preparing to set the abandoned factory on fire with all of them in it. Not wanting anyone to get hurt, she takes the dangerous fluid out of their hands and chucks it out the window. Realizing that was a mistake, she is forced to retreat and close herself in a storage room where she finds herself cornered and dragged into the the witch’s dimension – only to be rescued by Miki who had signed the contract and became a Puella.

Holy shit. Smokes, this episode freaked me out so much, made my cry and was extremely enjoyable to watch. So Madoka decided that she wasn’t going to become a Puella – only now I’m starting to get the feeling that she may not even become one till we see the situation which was shown in the beginning of episode 1. So Miki got desperate after seeing her beloved best friend facing so much distress and despair after being told that he will never be able to play the violin ever again. I figured as much that she would take the risk for him within this episode and become  Puella, moreover she’s willing to put her life on the line for the sake of his wish. However as the episode came closer to the end, there was a shocking development that startled me, implying that perhaps Kyousuke may be affected (in a negative way) by either a Witch or perhaps in influence in the wish. Honestly like I said back in episode 2, this ideal prize of of getting their wish granted may be misleading them. In fact I am starting to get suspicious of Kyubey. Think about it, you can’t see the expressions on that creature’s face. He communicates mentally, and I can’t help but question where his loyalty lies. Also something else to take note of, he had called another Puella Magica named Kyoto (who seems to have an aggressive personality) while knowing that Akemi is still in the city.
Last thing I wanted to mention was the startling amount of victims that has been cursed by a witch – one of Madoka’s friends Shizuki being one of them. This clearly shows us the potential of a strong witch where as to kill all its victims at once. I see why Akemi warned Madoka that kindness can drag her into trouble such as this event. If Miki hadn’t appeared, she probably would have been caught and cursed by the witch.


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  1. vjlai

    I enjoyed most of the episode (although still left feeling dark n sad afterwards T.T), but i don’t like how Miki “sacrificed” her freedom/life for just the fingers of the young boy. Would the boy even appreciate and be thankful to her all his life? Sigh! Kyuubey is EVIL!!

    1. Eva

      I figured as much that Miki would become a Puella before Madoka. She cares that much for Kyosuke that she’s willing to put her life on the line. :\ A musician losing use of their fingers is like the end of their world – and she understands that. What scares me is what he looked like in this image here:

      *EYES KYUUBEY SUSPICIOUSLY* Yes, he’s definitely evil – he’s too cute to be good.

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