And we continue with Kanata, Pisces, and I am wayyyy more than okay with that

hehe....ohhh myyyy indeeed

So the episode starts and Kanata and Suzuya are looking for Tsukiko, who promptly shows up with…Takuto? No that’s the dude from Star Driver… I forget his name but I’ll figure it out within 2 seconds of typing this because he ALWAYS SAYS IT

this is his sexy displeased face. let me displease you all night long, baby





In a turn of events Kazuki (I googled it) is actually nice and let’s her be alone with her childhood friends! I like Kazuki. He’s cool. But Kanata looks like him while also being exceedingly well developed (especially for a Starry Sky character) Oh. But he left her alone because this is before she became a member of the student council ! So that explains it. Anyway Tsukiko is kinda bummed so Kanata is all WE’LL PROTECT YOU!!!! NICE MUSIC!!!!! APPROPRIATE IMAGERY!!!!!!!!





































Alright, I gotta say what comes up next makes me sad. Essentially Kanata talks about how he might not live as long as everyone else and almost implies Yoh will be his replacement or at the very least that he wants Suzuya and Tsukiko to be happy because he knows he’s not going to live long. He just wants everyone to think he’s normal. He has the first semblance of any real romance anyone has for Tsukiko and actually develops her, something the anime was too busy doing stupid shit to do before.  That’s the rest of the episode and I gotta say, I love Kanata moast XD



















Next week is Kazuki!


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  1. Eva

    Because you told me Kanata is cool I checked the episode, and what can I say: I have more respect for him because he’s more realistic in a way.
    *Stares at all the images* Looks like you had alot of fun screencaping! XD

    1. Oki

      Screenshots are the best part of Starry Sky, imo

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