It’s a horrific debut as hares are being torn apart, apparently the world will be destroyed unless a box is left floating in water and 11 hares are released the same hares being torn apart right now.

Hm... What a lovely scene, don't you think?


After the abnormally happy opening, we meet our main character, Kujo Kazuya. He is an exchange student from Japan at St-Marguerite Academy, in the country of Saubure in Europe. In a botanical garden over the gigantic library that only exists in animes, Kazuya meets Victorique, who tells his future and wants him to becomes her toy she’s bored. Kazuya runs away obviously, but is asked to go back and when he does we meet a weird guy with weird hair. Grevil de Blois or inspectorwithweirdhair tells them of the murder of a fortune teller, states the facts of the murder scene, and Victorique solves the murder in no time and she now has a detective’s pipe to fit the costume. Grevil leaves and Victorique is bored again, so she makes Kazuya dance for her. Later, as Grevil invites Victorique and Kazuya on his newly-acquired yacht, the investigation is once again opened and the mystery begins but the episode ends, unfortunately.
Myst’s Impression:
First of all, it’s funny. Very funny. Victorique’s personality made me laugh so much, she’s so evil and I love that! Her being bored all the time and trying to find ways to deprive herself from that boredness is very funny, and it’s even funnier when she uses Kazuya. She’s a total aristocratic bitch but I still love her. She also seems to have a very dark and mysterious background, I’m curious as to why she can’t come outside unless weirdguywithweirdhair gives permission.
*rollrollrollroll* I think she's bored.

The setting and the clothings also seem really good. Kazuya wearing a suit and a sweet-looking hat hats for the win just plain owns, and Victorique’s clothes are really nice as well. The backgrounds looked really beautiful and everything was very well done. The art so far is really good, especially when clothes and backgrounds are involved.
Then comes the genres. Psychological, horror, comedy and supernatural? That whole talk about murders and fortune-telling and Victorique’s “fountain of wisdom” hooked me in right away! Moreover, in the beginning we saw a bunch of dogs chewing on hares, showing us the gore and the blood we want. I don’t think this can get any better.
FLAILS I am now in love with this show, completely.
There’s only 2 things that bothered me. First off, the opening was completely different from what the beginning of the show was telling us. The first scenes give us horror, gore and dark colours, and then the opening starts and it’s a happy pop song with rainbows and tons of happy moments? huh? There’s also Grevil’s hair. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY?!?! I’m sorry, but I’ll never accept him as part of the humouristic branch. His hair just freaks me out O.O.
So basically, I’m in love with this show already. Let’s just leave it at that and forget the creepy hair.
Oki’s Impression coming soon:

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  1. SilentSerenata

    Personally, I still prefer Kuroshitsuji over Gosick. Oh, and Victoria reminds me of a Shinku clone but just more…black.

  2. Myst

    haha Kuroshitsuji owns 😛 But I dunno, I find this one has a good potential, although now that you mention it, it does have a certain resemblance to the show… maybe that’s why I find it so interesting lol!

    1. SilentSerenata

      Lol, naw, Ciel still pawns. If he were to ever cross-dress again, he’ll beat Victoria anyday . Two thumbs up (Y)(Y)

  3. Tara

    (see the picture of her rolling on the floor)
    rofl? (pun? haha?)

    1. Myst

      Ha ha…ha? Horrible puns for the win 😀

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