Rin and Ichika are interrupted in the middle of their duel by an unknown IS who appears to have hostile intentions towards them.


First of, this week was supposed to be covered by Oki but because of different reason I will be covering it instead this week.

Now this episode should be awesome, we finally have a duel between the two friends. Rin’s IS is armed with a great two-handed battlesword and an invisible uber lazor canon of doom that packs quite a punch. On the other hand you have Ichika’s IS who only have a single one-handed lightsaber sword.

That's quite the sword you got there miss!

Now that looks kind of one sided…and it is. As usual Ichika is clueless and he is unable to do anything against Rin other than surviving. He was about to try a last desperate special attack to win with the few energy he had left on his shield, but something came out of nowhere and created a huge explosion in the arena.

The source of this disturbance? A big baddass motherfucking IS.

It’s faster than Ichika’s melee unit and it has stronger ranged attack than Cecilia’s unit, also it is about 3 time the size of the other IS. When that thing appeared the whole academy went into a lockdown, making any reinforcement impossible and any escape for Ichika and Rin unavailable. The both of them had to fight for their lives, to kill or to be killed.

After many unsuccessful attempt, help finally arrives to support the two friends. Houki creates a diversion to give Ichika and Rin an opportunity to attack, and after the first blow on the enemy IS Cecilia, the lovely Cecilia, arrives just in time to finish it off with her incredible sniping skill.

But even after all their common effort, the opposing IS is still well alive and it takes its last shot at taking Ichika down, but Ichika, knowing he had nothing to lose went supersayan and cut through the lazor beam with his sword and ultimately destroyed the enemy.


The next day, Ichika was resting in at the infirmary, he was sleeping, slowly recovering from his injuries. But while he was sleeping he was unknowingly about to be raped by rin. The naughty little girl was about to use Ichika’s weakened state to her advantage, while our defenseless, unsuspecting hero was sleeping, she closed the gap between both of their lips, until only a small thin sheet of air could pass between the two.


But, from great fortune, Ichika opened is eyes mere seconds before their lips made contact, saving Ichika’s virgin lips from this evil women. Rin surprised from Ichika’s sudden revival stepped back on her raping attempts and denied any awkward event that may have occurred. Ichika, as naive as ever, believe her and proceeded to contemplate the sky instead of worrying about his sexual life.

The episode ended with the 3 girl after Ichika arguing and bitching about each others tactics.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • It had more story development than the previous episode, which is good

  • Houki was awesome even if she only appeared for about 5 seconds.


This episode was well worth my 20 minutes watching it, but next episode will most likely be another one introducing yet another potential harem partner for Ichika. Now if you saw the ending you saw it introduces a young man from France but with a strange secret. So let me tell you right now,  Charles will be your traditional girl-trying-to-be-a-guy girl. While I find it sad it is so obviously the case and there is no suspense what so ever, I looooovveee girls hiding as guys, it makes for such interesting scenes.

Take care of yourselves untill next week where we will explore this Charles character a bit more

ZeroG signing off

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