Following last week’s conversation between Merry and Yumeji (Yumeji wanted to help Merry into going back to the dream world), we learn that once a Dream Demon has taken over a vessel, it’s too late that’s probably some reaaaally important info right there o:After the opening, there is a little funny scene between Yumeji and his friends, where Yumeji apparently wrote a weeeeeird story for the Literary Club and the creepy suspicious teacher is there! stares . Afterwards, they all decide to go Karaoke, and Hoshino Mei (President of the Literary Club) absolutely has to answer a text before she leaves I HEAAAAAR A DREAM DEMON!!!!!!!! Just Saying. After a funny scene where Merry shows up at school, Isana goes to talk with Kawanami and they have tea together, then we have a scene at the karaoke where we learn that Mei will meet with this “texting guy” DREAM DEMON. The next day, Mei comes to Yumeji’s house and we learn that she has been taken over by a Dream Demon GASP NO, REALLY?!?!?! After Yumeji forces Chris (that’s the Dream Demon’s name) into a daydream, Yumeji gets his ass owned and then Merry comes in and they both agree that they will help each other out in the future Yaaaaaaaay! Once again, predictable, but Yaay! nonetheless. Merry almost kicks Chris’ ass, but then we learn that he’s a nice Dream Demon and in the end he only wanted to see Mei, and so he leaves, leaving Merry once again in deep thought. In the end, Merry has to work her way in Yumeji’s house, and she is forced to wear a cute maid uniform.
…Meh. I’m losing interest, fast. However, I can still find some good points in that show that doesn’t make me wanna throw it as far as I can only to stop blogging it afterwards Ok, the throwing is completely unnecessary, but it’s more amusing, isn’t it? 🙂.
First off, although Yumeji is still a wimp, he seems to be pretty powerful in the end, I mean apparently he’s able to force Dream Demons into having a Daydream, which is apparently impressive apparently. He might not be a useless idiot all the time, after all.
On another random note, the art is really sweet, and the Dream Demons seriously look awesome. I also love the scary vibe this show gives when there are fights. Isana is also pretty cute and hopefully some cute romantic moments will happen between her and Yumeji.Now, this makes it seem as though I might like this show, however that’s mostly because I’m forcing myself to find some good points to it. After all, I am blogging it and I’m trying to make my reviews according to how it’s done and not how much I like it, however this is getting tough –-‘ Because what I hate about this show is, first of all, its predictableness, which ANNOYS ME TO NO END already. I’m also getting the feeling as though this show is going at an extremely slow pace. It’s episode 4 and we haven’t even aborded any kind of main plot already! So far, even the small stories aren’t that interesting… :/
Moreover, although I like the “scary daydream” theme, I get even more the impression that it’s a kid’s show targeted to teenagers. I mean, Merry’s the “magical girl”, she beats up bad guys and in the end there’s a small moral of “Don’t talk to strangers” that’s not mentioned but I get that vibe anyways. There’s not really any fighting… For something scary, there should be at least a little bit of “good” fighting… no?
So anyways, if people like this show and would like to tell me why, it would be most appreciated and I might be able to look at it from a different angle, because right now I’ve got no motivation to blog this and I’m giving it another week to redeem itself before I drop this –