Kinomiya who loves to do background checks on his opponents and invade their privacy. As the duel progresses he reveals more and more of Aki’s past, catching her off guard about certain information. When he crosses the line declaring how her own parents declared her as a monster, Aki she becomes enraged and takes him down ruthlessly.
I'd call it sweet revenge, but the guy's life is on the line...


¬_¬; Talk about how those in power can talk their way into getting people to forget what they just saw. Well whatever, that’s just how corrupted society is.
Anyways so thanks to that crazy Profiler (seriously what is with Godwin hiring crazy people? Oh wait, he’s crazy too) we got quite a bit of background about Aki and her past. Although I don’t completely trust is sources since we were only given part of the story from his information. Aki as we already knew is a (okay so maybe they never SAID it till now) Psychic Duelist who honestly doesn’t intentionally want to hurt people as she had implied in the beginning of the episode with that man Divine, that we were shown that offered her to join the Arcadia Movement. Speaking of him, he already got my suspicions that he is up to no good. I get the feeling he is taking advantage of her feelings and using her merely as a tool to progress his movement. Finally, I find it interesting how Yusei, although he never directly spoken to Aki, he can sense her feelings of rejection and anger while knowing there is also more to it.
Lastly I think these crazy people need to back off and give the girl a break… Oh god! This is like Yusei being tortured all over again except more of verbal abuse and pressure from the society.

The animation for this episode, ugh. It was pretty ugly. I hope it will improve again for the next. Oh and one last thing: WHAT IS WITH THESE CRAZY PEOPLE’S OUTRAGEOUS OUTFITS?!
NOTE: I will no longer upload Preview Screen Caps for this show because it’s rather unncessary since I’m covering this three times a week.


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