No, really, I’m not kidding. It’s an actual pee flood.This week, we learn yet of another of Baby Beel’s powers: HE CAN PEE 20 MILLION GALLONS OF HOLY URINE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE CAN USE THAT TO DESTROY THE WORLD DOUBLE WTF!!

Anyways, Furuichi is dragged by Alaindelon to Oga’s house in order to help him. After a few failed attempts to flirt with Hilda and get in her pants, we learn that Hilda was in fact born to be a servant of Baby Beel and nothing else.

...Furuichi, you're an idiot and you FAIL. But you're awesome nonetheless.

Oga has finally got to the store to buy mystical diapers in order to stop Baby Beel’s ultimate peeing and look at that, the store employee is none other than SUSPICIOUS DUDE FROM LAST EPISODE stares, however apparently these diapers are extremely popular and the store has run out or so the suspicious dude says. It is also mentionned that Oga has defeated one of the 4 great powers of Ishiyama High, which will probably bring him trouble later on.
It is about then that some bandits appear (with Hilda and Furuichi behind them) and take everyone in the store as hostage. It doesn’t take long before Oga realizes that they might be the ones who’ll take care of Baby Beel in his stead. After interrogating the cowards lackeys, Oga finally manages to find the right person, the Boss of the gang, and he is about to let go completely of him when the Boss mentions that if the baby’s too much trouble he’ll leave him in a ditch. Hearing this, Oga kicks his ass, and in the end Baby Beel’s diaper breaks and in order to prevent the city from being flooded Hilda brings him to the ocean.
Okay, seriously, WTF!?!?!?! Baby Beel can PEE A CITY INTO DESTRUCTION? That’s quite… Uhm… Interesting? Very immature if you ask me… Quite funny though, I’ll admit that, however the immaturity of it all made this episode a tad less interesting than the others before that. And, if you ask me, swimming in a pool of urine is quite frankly DISGUSTING. This show has a very particular humour, and usually it makes me laugh my head off, although this time I laughed a little less because of the actual concept of the joke.
Okay, so it’s episode 4 and I’m already starting to feel a little bit of the redundant plot. It’s clear that Oga likes Baby Beel inside and actually cares for him, and right now everytime he tries to get rid of the baby we know that in fact he won’t. I’m actually getting impatient to know what the actual main plot will be, because right now if this goes on for another couple of weeks I’ll start getting more bored as each episode goes on…
I seriously hope the suspicious store employee is someone really important. I like him already, he seems to be one of those characters that never take a big part in fights or problems, however they’re usually always present and observing, sometimes making random, hilarious comments. I love those kind of characters, and so I hope he’s a good guy and he will end up being real good buddies with Oga. If he’s evil, oh well… At least make him important, if you could do it in the next few episodes it would be nice and might prevent me from slowly disliking this show.
As for the other secondary characters, Furuichi is awesome, so is Hilda, and I’m glad we got to know more about her actual personality. She seriously cares about Baby Beel she’s probably the only one and the fact that she was born in order to serve under him bring us to think that maybe later on her personality will distinguish itself a tad more from her mainstream purpose, which will probably cause problems in the end that’s my guess, anyways. Furuichi seems to have a lot to do with it, also.
The 4 great powers of Ishiyama High are probably the plot that will start off soon enough, in fact it has started already. Considering the opening and the Promo Special, these 4 now 3 characters are obviously the enemies of the first arc and I hope Oga’s fights will be a little more intense than the one from last week, because although it was pretty awesome, the concept was basic and the fighting scene was quite short. I WANT SOME BADASS ACTION ALREADY, FREAKING SHOUNENS WHO DRAG EVERYTHING D:.
So, overall, I still don’t know what to think of this show, after the 4th episode. Heck, I have no freaking idea what will happen next, and I just hope this doesn’t drag too much. Of course, my curiosity outleads my boredness by far, so I will definitely not drop this show, I might just rant about it for a couple of episodes…
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