Blackbeard has appeared! gasp


Only to confirm his appearance, a very stupid and useless marine soldier comes and tells Sengoku that an unidentified ship has passed through the gate a while ago AHEM You fucking idiot, look around you, there’s no point in saying there are intruders when the intruders are RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Marine soldiers piss me off because they’re complete idiots….
You. Are an idiot. Go die.

We then finally learn how Luffy and the others managed to get to Mariejoa in the end, the mime dude is in fact a hypnotist a real one, not an idiot like Jango and he hypnotized the Marines into opening the door every time a Marine ship approaches Ahhhh, that makes sense now…
Upon seeing Blackbeard, Whitebeard is now even more pissed than he was last episode. In other words, GET AWAAAAYYY BEFORE HE KILLZ EVERYTHING!!! Now, Blackbeard being the evil character, he obviously doesn’t listen, and starts fighting with Whitebeard. As is to be expected, Whitebeard owns his face, however as he’s about to deal the finishing blow Whitebeard gets attacked from all sides by Blackbeard’s crewmates.
He then remembers once, while Roger was still alive, a conversation he had with him, and Whitebeard asked the famous question that has been on everyone’s lips for ages, “What does the middle name “D.” mean? Of course, the show decides to be an ASSHOLE and cuts the scene right there, and so we don’t learn what it means. Whitebeard however goes into a badass speech, and he states that, once someone finds the One Piece, that a war will definitely embroil the whole world. Those are his last words, and then he has some final thoughts until he dies standing, after having suffered 267 sword wounds, 152 gun wounds and 46 cannon hits.
Ultimate shock
…I…I… I can’t get over this.
I mean, Just last week I was crying because Ace died, and now Whitebeard dies? Big, badass, invincible Whitebeard?! My brain can’t process it. I’m in such a humongous state of shock that I seriously don’t know what to say about it. Sadness? Not really, considering Whitebeard was never one of my fave characters. Surprised? Extremely, especially since his death was absolutely unexpected. Shocked? DEFINITELY.
R.I.P, Edward Newgate, a.k.a. Whitebeard.
To be honest, his death wasn’t as badass and scary as Ace’s. I mean, Blackbeard was incredibly scared, and his crewmembers are the ones that killed him, not him. Blackbeard didn’t actually look that scary in this week’s episode, he looked more of a scaredy cat who escaped death by pure luck.
Oh, by the way, I just thought I’d mention that Blackbeard was an actual pirate in our history, and his real name was Edward Teach, also sometimes called Thatch. It’s a tad curious that, in One Piece, Edward Teach kills Thatch… Hahaha.
Apart from that, I seriously have nothing to say, apart from the fact that in 6 episodes, we witnessed:
1) Ace’s rescue
2)Ace’s death
3)Blackbeard’s appearance
4) Whitebeard’s death
O.O That’s pretty intense. It might’ve taken a while for the actual action to start, but right now it definitely never stops!