The story is about a group of friends who witnessed a murder case involving an alien.

Very short summary this week – deal with it. I’m sick again.
You know I was pleasantly surprised with this ‘filler’, I found it was extremely well done. They pretty much hinted it was not going to be relevant to the plot because of the sketchy and dark colorings. The story was actually really special one way or another. Involving an alien race that were the left of their kind left to starvation unless they eat a female (which is just disgusting), only revealing that they truly didn’t want to do that – especially when it was the woman the loved or cared for dearly. The mood for the entire story was just blood chilling and exciting at the same time, I actually covered my eyes subconsciously even though there wasn’t anything scary or gruesome being shown, but that’s just me. Also there was no humor whatsoever till the end where Baka was like, “NOOO WHY DON’T YOU LIKE IT?”
Man I wish I could talk about more, but that’s all I can think of for today.


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