Tsutsui Yukitaka departs from Tokyo after being scouted to join Kisaragi’s high school baseball team. When he arrives at his apartment he discovers that another male broke in, just sitting there drinking coffee. The boy declares that he borrowed his clothes because he didn’t have any, and bluntly admits he is an alien.
First Impression:
At first during the winter 2011 preview discussion I was like, “WTF IS THIS?”, but now that I watched it – laughed my head off, and loved it, I am so covering this. The animation is absolutely stunning, the only part that bugged me was the horrid digital art of the puppets. The animation team should have not done that, no matter how much they wanted to. It felt very out of place, looked strange and just well – to sum it up, wasn’t necessary.
Plot wise, this should turn out very interesting. I love how they are giving us a eerie feeling despite the fact this alien is honest and doesn’t want to do any harm to anyone unless he has to defend himself. I loved how he went on and on about how people ‘died’ from the explosion and it was all Yukitaka’s fault. In fact, I think that was one of the best parts of the episode. I couldn’t stop laughing – moreover how could he have that much knowledge after claiming he lost his memories. I also loved the mockery of E.T.’s reference, that was definitely something that had to be done. However, I definitely not expecting to learn about the alien’s true form. I like the idea that he’s actually an fluidic organism called Clive, from another planet which can copy another’s form. I find this actually realistically more plausible to actually happen.
I am curious about that mysterious parrot and those two children who stared like dolls at Yukitaka earlier in the episode. Without a doubt they are also aliens, but the question is why do they give off such dark vibes. Moreover, why is that parrot watching the boys? I can’t wait for the answer, but without a doubt it’s probably going to be pretty darn… creepy.
The OP was amazing. I loved how they put it together. They made it like a graphic novel/comic book with all the colors, graphic techniques and effects, and the classic way of showing off aliens – the typical way most people in our society view them as. The ED was also cool, I loved how they kept on circling the UFOs.


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