Saiga gives Yusei a little place of his own to stay and work on this D-Wheel, while apologizing that he wasn’t able to jam the marker longer. Yusei tells him he doesn’t care whether the security is chasing him. The next day, he resumes working on his D-Wheel, where Saiga questions him about whether he knows why the security want him so badly. After Yusei shows him the invitation and the blackmail, Saiga offers to investigate about where his Satellite friends could be. Meanwhile Godwin has a discussion with Jack announcing that the Fortune Cup will be a success and far more exciting – and had added a special guest in order to ‘quench the king’s thirst’. After leaving, Jack decides to go out and hunt Yusei down – announcing to Mikage that he will definitely have the Crimson Dragon reappear once more.
Back at Yusei’s place, Saiga brought over Himuro and the old man, Yanagi, revealing that because Yusei won the duel back at the attention camp, they were bailed out of their half of a year of forced labor. Himuro then asks Yusei to duel him with his own deck, were as he agrees…however just when they were about to duel, Jack makes a sudden appearance and gives Stardust Dragon back to Yusei while declaring he will make the Crimson Dragon reappear once more.
Later in the evening, Yusei and the gang all hang out in the more aggressive part of town waiting for Saiga to finish up his business bargaining his way into Satellite ‘legally’. While observing some duels, Yusei spots Rua and his friend walking around, both who are looking for the city’s ‘Witch’. When Rua notices Yusei, he excitedly runs over. Instead of greeting the kid, Yusei scolds tells Rua that he shouldn’t be in this area, but Rua ignores him and introduces him to his friend. His friend grows nervous after noticing Yusei’s and his buddies’ markers. Rua notices the Fortune Cup invitation in Yusei’s hand and gets all giddy declaring that he will not lose to him again in the tournament. Suddenly Yusei’s finds himself in pain on his arm – right on the cue the Witch appears, vandalizing the field and shooting out thick vines covered in thorns, piercing everything in its path. Yusei spots a large dragon among the shadows of the durst debris, where he quickly discovers his birthmark was glowing. The old man confirms that what Yusei has on his arm, is indeed a Dragon’s Birthmark – thus making him a signer. Yusei goes out to approach the witch, where he stops in a safe distance, much to his surprise the witch said, “You as well?”, he replies asking the same question and attempts to approach her once more. The Black Rose Witch suddenly yells out, “Wretch mark!” and summons something that makes her disappear in the blinding light. While everyone was horrified how the Witch’s attacks were not solid vision, Yusei notices that his birthmark disappeared once again. Finally he announces that he was certain that she too, possessed a birthmark.

This episode, although nothing too much happened, nor any duels, we still were still able to gain some plot development with the appearance of the Black Rose Witch, who can physically harm people with the power of her deck, and Yusei’s birthmark appearing then disappearing again.
I found it hilarious how Yusei didn’t technically greet Yanagi but instead, Himuro. It was like he was ignoring him on purpose! HAHAHAHA! (Okay yeah that’s sad) Of course then I was really disappointed how Yusei’s and Himuro’s duel were put off due to Jack’s appearance. Damn it Jack, can’t you choose a better time? Also I don’t exactly know whether Yusei having Stardust back in his hands would make things more exciting, or just boring. Ah well, lets see how often he typically uses Stardust.
Now on other other hand, Godwin – he just keeps on getting crazier. So now he’s setting up the Fortune Cup to not only mess with the competitors, but also to gain for his own benefit. Actually to be blunt, I found myself almost disturbed by the way he was smiling going, “You must quench your thirst”.
Last thing I want to mention is that, at this scene here, I couldn’t stop laughing at Yusei’s expression. It looked almost like he was pouting! XD Am I the only one who thought that? Because I can’t help but think it’s adorable. It’s like a kid’s reaction after being teased about something he was taking seriously. XD

“Tch, I wanted to meet her.”



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