A Zombie sees the end of his peaceful life as a necromancer slave when he meets with a magical girl fighting a giant bear.


So if you read the summary, you might be wondering “WTF?!?” and that would be quite the appropriate response. The show is full of surprise, let’s see what it was like.

The story begins with a young man walking like a zombie in the morning, the first thing you would expect is for this guy to be a zombie and when the camera to turn to his face we would see a ravaged undead expression. But instead we meet with a regular school boy who’s awake too early to be anything but brain-dead. The protagonist then proceed to explain his philosophical point of view of his world to us. The guy looks like your regular main character in a suspense anime, he seems intelligent, extremely calm, unaffected by reality and extremely bored. But when he goes back from school an important event happens, that would reveal us his true nature. A CAT!!! A damned cat cross the road at the same time as a big truck drives by, the protagonist, being an animal lover it seems, runs faster than the speed of light and grabs the cat to save him from his fate. But he fails, not that he misses the cat, he got hit by the truck. And here’s where the first thing completely unexpected happens.

The guy proceed to spin for a good 2 minutes in the sky, losing all pieces of clothing in the process and ends up naked, bones broken, in front of some school girls. This is when the main character announce that he is, in fact, a Zombie.

I wish my penis would glow like that

After this shocking revelation, the main character, that is now revealed to be named Aikawa Ayumu, goes back home to a cute little girl in weird clothes that proceed to order him to cook for her. Now that girl happens to be named Necromancer of the Underworld, Eucliwood Hellscythe, she is the one who ressurected Aikawa.

This is just my kind of girl, pretty, mute and necrophile

So now in the show we have a mute necromancer and a Zombie, that’s actually quite interesting. I wonder what else will appear in this interesting new show.

Aikawa proceeds to tell us a little about his background, how he was killed by a serial killer and he is now using his undeath to find his assasin and take revenge on him. The city in which they live is the victim of a rampaging serial killer, Aikawa’s hope is to one day find this killer and put an end to him. With this in mind, our favorite zombie is walking alone in the sleeping city. He seems to especially enjoy the graveyard, with him being a zombie and all.

But that night something different happened, when Aikawa was calmly chilling out in the graveyard a little girl dressed in cosplay equipped with a chain saw appeared. She was fighting a giant bear of doom and destruction. Aikawa got scratched a little from the bear and the girl proceeded to cut him and the bear in half, stating that sacrifice were needed in battle.The girl calls herself Prodigious Masou-Shoujo of Virie, Haruna-chan. After telling her name Haruna approach Aikawa to erase his memories, but something unexpected happens again. Haruna ends up naked, all her clothes disapeared, leaving Aikawa with quite a view. The great Masou-Shoujo Haruna lost all her magical power when she got into contact with Aikawa, it took Aikawa only 30 seconds after meeting her to get her naked and helpless, good job buddy. nevertheless, the bad side of getting a girl to get naked is that she’ll be hanging with you for a while after and those pesky girls are hard to escape from.

That girl sure doesn't waste time with those things

So now we have a necromancer, a Masou-Shoujo and a Zombie under the same roof. I think it is a good time to declare HAREM INCOMING! and also that this show could very well become quite interesting. Especially since there are so many panty shots everywhere.


The next day at the end of school Aikawa is attacked by a really creepy guy, I especially love Aikawa’s reaction of protecting his anus when the guy comes closer. Just when our zombie boy was about to get violently anal raped, Haruna arrives at the rescue. She proceed to summon her magical power, but she seems to have forgotten that she lost her magic and she magically became naked instead… I liked that outcome much more. The creepy old dude, after being aroused by seeing an underage girl naked, grows bigger. In fact he tears appear his human form and reveal his true form…that of a crayfish. The guy is a giant crayfish. I mean seriously? A giant crayfish?

Ya seriously, A Crayfish?


Anyway… Zombie-boy start fighting against Mr.Crayfish and use his undeath to his advantage to use the full potential of the human muscular body. But even with all the strength of a zombie, he can’t beat this…giant crayfish… this is so ridiculous. But it gets even worse, Haruna teach Aikawa how to use the magic he stole from her, Aikawa using the Masou-Shoujo magic becomes…A zombie-guy-in-cosplay-girl-costume-with-a-chain-saw. EVEN WORSE, for his ability he needs to use just as many Panty shots… BUT NOW ITS A GUY, not only a guy, A DEAD GUY. Now we are to enjoy a couple of minutes of zombie crotch shot, how enjoyable. In the end all this horror terrorize and kill the Crayfish-monster and Aikawa end up falling in the middle of the school ground, in a girls cosplay costume. Picture are taken, shame can be read all accross the poor guy face, I’m sure he wished he’d be dead, but unfortunetely for him, he already was dead.

And this is how the story ends.

Things I look foward to with this show:

  • So much potential to have a light story with many panty shots and a cool harem, I just sincerely hope it won’t go down   to pure non-sense and it will keep a structured non-sense like we saw this episode

  • I love panty shots and naked girls, not so much naked guys, but what ever, I hope for more anyway


This show seems like a lovely thing to watch to relax a bit, it has great potential and I am looking forward to next week episode.

See you next monday for another review of Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka !